The Sixth W

A manifest change of perspective

This section presents the original raison d’être, the current point of view and the evolving perspective of our company.
We could have also called it our “vision” if not for the linguistic contretemps in saying “the listening vision“… but it really is a new vision and a change of perspective. We are very proud of these changes and we would be very happy if you would like to share them.

The starting point is the manifesto announcing that WITH stands for the W in The Sixth W, after which the company and this website are named.

The Manifesto of the Sixth W, with its emphasis on listening to and involving people, is conveyed in simple points and explained in a written form that is slightly more complex and structured, as experiences and people themselves are, illustrating its meaning and sphere of application through history, places, experiences, methods and people.
All our work is centred on people and the quality of their experience, so we can say: we enhance experiences by listening and through listening we transfer value back to companies (and to people).