Online Surveys

A tool that allows us to conduct opinion polls, and collect experiences and considerations of people willing to spontaneously share all of this with us: the Online Survey.

The Online Surveys represent an important research tool to know the real consideration of people in relation to products, services, brands. These are real opinion polls administered through non-branded advertising campaigns specifically designed for Google and Social Networks. Using social channels to propose a Survey, in particular, means adopting a sampling technique that is called Social Sampling: means such as Facebook allow to reach accurately profiled users who, above all, spontaneously participate in the surveys.

For each Survey we study an ad hoc questionnaire in order to collect the data necessary to achieve the objectives set by the research. Having reached the end of the Survey administration period, we analyze and interpret the data collected to identify patterns of recurring responses and insights of interest with respect to the research question.

Online Survey and Social Sampling: what are the advantages?

The Social Sampling mechanism on which Online Surveys are based has several advantages:

  • Spontaneous participation
    The voluntary involvement of the participants implies a strong implicit motivation of the same in offering their opinion on a given topic: this means that the compensation due for participation is no longer mandatory.
  • Support to quantitative and qualitative research
    The voluntary nature of participation guarantees higher quality responses than those that would be obtained through standard sampling techniques and eliminates the bias given by the remuneration due for participation in the research, which in fact is no longer mandatory and cannot influence the responses of the participants.
  • Access to a large pool of potential participants
    A third of the world’s population is on Social Networks and is potentially reachable through a well-structured Online Survey: this means that a questionnaire administered in this way can be submitted to a very large and diverse audience.
  • Advanced profiling
    Profiling on social networks, and in particular on Facebook, can reach very deep levels of detail. In fact, it is possible to select the people you want to reach through the Survey for demographic data, interests, habits and more specific and vertical categories, with the possibility to cross the parameters to outline an accurate profile of the people whose opinion you want to know.


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