Research into Experiences

Usability and ergonomics

Usability tests allow us to create the right conditions to make physical or digital interfaces and products easier to use, more satisfying and focused on business and communication results.

Usability tests allow us to understand how users interpret the brand product offer, how they interact with services and what expectations drive them.

With this tool we can analyse people’s behaviour, allowing interaction and satisfaction information to be collected.

Today people’s experiences are a product in and of itself: steering its development through the people who will use the product is the most effective way of competing and distinguishing the brand.

The test with people isolates and examines the flow of activities in a specific stage of the customer journey. It has the advantage of being an adaptable and flexible tool, capable of adding value to any phase of the project precisely because it collects a complete and ordered set of data on what people see, do and say.

In the following phase, our analysis reveals the series of problems encountered, the errors made and also the positive elements. This enables us to:

  • propose appropriate solutions to the problems encountered by test participants;
  • enable people to achieve their goals faster and more comfortably;
  • guarantee, in the case of our customers’ digital products, the efficient transformation of users into customers (the so-called ‘conversion’).

TSW performs usability testing on all platforms through the use of eye tracking as a detection tool and think aloud as an investigative method, both inside and outside of the laboratories, allowing us to improve digital and physical interfaces.


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