Usability test and listening with Juventus: when a “great experience” equals “hospitality”

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Imagine a fan in a stadium for their favourite team’s game of the year. An extraordinary experience that, if lived positively, they will want to repeat over and over again. A bit like those places where we had a really good time and now always enjoy going back to. This is because a great experience means hospitality. And this is the heart of our project with Juventus, a journey that involves people, through usability tests, to create an online experience that is enjoyable to live.

Rediscover the value of hospitality to improve the user experience

When Juventus came to us to understand how the purchase process of a “Juventus Membership”, the paid program that allows fans to access exclusive services, could be improved, we talked with them about the importance of hospitality. We believe, in fact, that the quality of an experience is strongly connected with knowing how to welcome one’s customers, whether it be to a physical local or a digital environment.

For us, hospitality is an efficient search experience (some might call it SEO), a welcoming website, a satisfying design, content capable of transferring the value of a company and the services offered, and an all-around simple user experience. And who can help us understand how to do it better than the people we are going to welcome?

So we opened the doors of our spaces to Juventus fans and stadium-goers, asking them a very simple question: “If you wanted to buy a Membership, where would you go and look for it on the Juventus website?”

Usability test with Juventus, in the TSW laboratories

The usability test with Juventus as a moment of reconnection

When we host a usability test in our laboratories, we give companies the opportunity to witness first-hand, in real time, the experience that users (their customers) are in turn experiencing at that very moment. This allows are clients to observe users as they browse the brand’s website and listen to them share opinions and suggestions.

On these occasions we facilitate a deep reconnection between two planets, the corporate planet, on one hand, and the client planet on the other. These two planets, contrary to what one might think, have limited communication. The role of TSW is to put its skills related to human reading – of an anthropological, sociological, philosophical, psychological and neuroscientific character – at the service of this moment, to bring objectivity and scientificity to the measurement of the quality of experiences, and to become the best interpreters and translators.

Listening to people to improve the quality of experiences

It may seem trivial, but listening contains all the power of the sixth W. For Juventus, as well as for many other companies that we have had the pleasure of collaborating with, rediscovering listening to their customers and reconnecting with them was the key to improving the quality of an experience.

The direct involvement of Juventus fans allowed us not only to identify the areas of intervention relating to a specific task, such as Membership purchase, but also to collect broader experiences and perceptions. Our hope is that this wealth of invaluable information is just the beginning of a new way of doing things: together with people.

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30 December 2022 Alessandra Spina

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