Marketing with Experiences

Visibility and search paths

When a person lives an experience he or she wants it to be as simple and rewarding as possible.

When people are looking for something they want to find it with the minimum effort; if content is offered to them it should be consistent with and relevant to their interests.

For this reason we continually study people’s search paths in order to give greater visibility to the information they are looking for, whether it be the content of a website or directions to the exit of a cinema.

We look at each stage of the path and try to make the experience more fluid and natural as it progresses towards the goals.

Updates, planning and experience are used in combination: people’s interactions should offer a solution, a way to meet their information, communication and purchasing expectations.

Every day we define complex advertising schedules, aimed at achieving significant results, always starting with people.

People move around the internet while they are searching for something; along the path they find brands, services and products. The more appropriate, fitting and suitable the content is, and the more frequent its visibility in relevant contexts for each person, then the greater the probability that the person who makes this encounter will be interested, and perhaps even change his or her path as the options being offered will appear so relevant as to seem organic.


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