Digital Marketing

We take care of the various aspects of our partners’ online presence and communication so that they can optimally reach out to and engage with people interested in their services. In order to do this, the main areas we can act on are: SEO, Online Advertising, Digital Analytics and Social Presence Monitoring.

The analysis and construction of our organic visibility projects always involve the individual, the person, as the mainstay in the process of verifying search intent and SERP analysis. Our method combines a merely technical aspect with a more human approach based on constant involvement. In this way, we can plan long-term strategies to maximise our partners’ presence in the organic results on search engines.

We analyse goals and the competitive landscape, identifying digital strategies that will foster organic visibility on search engines. We constantly monitor the results in view of a continuous optimisation process. We carefully observe the changes, monitoring the algorithm updates of search engines to be ready for possible changes in the results they return.

Our SEO team handles all the following activities:

  • Analysis of competitive landscape and definition of visibility strategies
  • Consulting in SEO-oriented and human-centred approaches to website design in collaboration with the User Experience team
  • Consulting and support for the successful migration of websites to maintain and improve placement
  • On-site SEO: technical optimisation of platforms and content in synergy with the Content team
  • Off-site SEO: visibility development in external networks and portals, support for Digital PR and Social Media actions

Online Advertising

People help us interpret data, but trust plays a key role in our approach, aimed at continuous improvement.

We work closely with partners and constantly monitor people’s behaviour to jointly identify the best possible solution for each requirement.

Every day we define complex online advertising schedules, aimed at achieving significant results.

We manage and define paid visibility strategies to achieve the goals identified together with our partners: brand awareness development, lead generation and sale of products and services online. This leads us to operate within a number of highly competitive sectors: Display, remarketing and email marketing integrate with owned business, impacting on the overall customer journey.

Our Online Advertising team handles all the following activities:

  • Competitive analysis, definition of strategies for online ADV and media budgets
  • Startup and management of campaigns in paid channels:

Google, Bing and Yandex searches
Display and remarketing

  • Setup and management of paid channels through AD Serving platforms
  • Email marketing and automation

Digital Analytics

Observing people’s online behaviour and the performance of initiatives allows us to gain insights in order to continually improve them.

Our Digital Analytics team handles all the following activities:

  • Definition and implementation of digital models and behavioural analytics
  • Tracking of digital properties on websites and mobile Apps
  • Data analysis
  • Data integration
  • Dashboarding and data visualisation
  • Technology scouting
  • Conversion rate optimisation A/B and multivariate testing, user experience optimisation
  • Training on major web analytics tools

Social media presence

We analyse communication sites, design strategy, build effective operations rooms and collaborative networks to pursue editorial projects that grow for and with people.

We lead people towards a totally new relationship with the brand: authenticity, passion and trust are the concepts that guide our thinking as we define the dedicated social media strategy on the various channels.

Our Content team handles the following activities:

  • Analysis of as-is communication and the competitive landscape
  • Definition of integrated channel strategy, goals and KPIs
  • Identification of channels and action planning
  • Concept and creation of editorial and visual content
  • Creating post-engagement on channels
  • Performance monitoring and reputation management
  • Digital PR and developing relationships with media and influencers
  • Social media advertising strategy and campaign management


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