Service product design

The world is a structured ecosystem in which physical and digital experiences are intimately connected: we design processes and solutions to make the complex understandable.

We design with people
We design solutions to optimise the transformation of products into services that are continuously shaped by digitalisation. We involve people in the design of complex interactions, we design digital information and content for retail experiences and we connect physical and digital processes to maximise the value that brands deliver to the people they address.
We prioritise the point of view of people in company processes and services by offering a user and relational experience that is engaging, frictionless and action-oriented.

What is service design?
Service design is an array of services used in combination depending on the partner’s goal, which can vary considerably; the methodology is therefore mixed. Here are some examples of service design application areas: designing multichannel interaction (website, SMS, email, webcam) for opening bank accounts; designing sales force mobile tools to support the sales process in relation to existing information systems; integrating and prioritising heterogeneous information, for example in the product returns process; redesigning mobile app touchpoint communications to stay aligned with the characteristics of the people being addressed.

Obviously, the scope goes far beyond the digital world and applies to all contexts in which interaction is significant and the experience is crucial.

The macro-phases of service design can be described as follows:

definition of context: establishing goals and the people we want to address (persons and not personas)

service design: involving real people and stakeholders of the partner company

prototyping: display (either physical or digital) of the service and the experience process

testing: the service is tested with people and gradually refined


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