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Information architecture

Information architecture is the beating heart of every interaction design project and plays a central role in defining a system’s degree of accessibility and usability for the people who use it.

We want this structure and the information in it to be simple and pleasant to use. A well-designed information architecture should allow people to quickly find the required information, thus generating satisfaction.

It forms the logical and semantic organisational structure of the information, content, processes and functions in an information environment.

For this reason, when we evaluate the quality of the information architecture of a website, an app, or a service, we use both remote and live tests. People’s involvement is crucial, since they can more accurately convey the authenticity and credibility of an experience that they have actually lived.

The final outcome of the tests that we conduct is new and improved information architecture, rendered more effective, efficient and satisfactory; its architects are not only us, but also our partners and especially the people who use the service that we are designing and building.


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