Laboratories of Experiences


In order to understand and improve people’s everyday experiences we make use of medical instruments, allowing us to detect and measure brain activity, eye movement, skin conductance and other biometric signals.

In order to evaluate in detail what people are really feeling when they interact with brands, environments and products, we adopt a scientific approach and combine methodologies from behavioural science, cognitive psychology, ergonomics and neuroscience, integrated with cutting-edge technologies that allow us to collect data reliably and to externalise, through easily understandable indicators, the psychophysiological states of people as they interact with physical or digital interfaces.

The psychophysiological data thus collected – together with qualitative observations made during the tests and other quantitative data such as analytics – provide us with the elements we need to evaluate the quality of analysed experience and its effect in terms of pleasantness, attention and engagement on the people who have had it.
Here are some of our technology partners: tobii, SMI, Pupil Labs, CGX, Shimmer.


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