With people’s Experiences

By measuring and analysing people’s behaviour, we can understand the mechanisms that govern their choices. From there we can observe and conceive (and re-conceive), understand and design (and redesign), grasp and analyse (and re-analyse) people’s experiences in order to create the best experience possible for them.

On this page you will find a summary of our main activities and the use we make of our approach. The word “use” here is translated from the Italian impiego, meaning, in its original Latin sense, involve or implicate.

Being “implicated” has negative connotations today; but it is what we want managers to be – engaged, committed and on the right track.
In the end, it all comes down to the use of the method… And the method can be applied in numerous ways. The difference is not in the technology we apply, but in how we do it. What we do is only part of the story.
Our method is quali-quantitative and teases out the most important aspects from both spheres:

  • certain and numerically significant data
  • analysis of emotional and cognitive impact

This approach, focused on people and reconnecting brands and customers, is the real stand-out feature of TSW and points to a future when our choices will be guided increasingly by the quality of experiences.