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The visual identity of a brand must create an emotion, deliver a message and make us dream. Its tone of voice must engage people, talk to them, about them and for them.

If we think of a brand we think of an image, a name, a product, a colour or a tagline, and then its logo. What matters also is the way in which the brand communicates compared to other brands. Does it speak in a serious, dignified way or does it have an ironic and light-hearted approach?

Arousing emotions in the people in the brand’s target market with one of these elements – and even more with a perfectly synchronised combination of all these aspects – is essential and can be an extremely effective way to get oneself talked about and remembered.

A brand identity should be a complete set of elements: logo, fonts, colour palette, photography, graphics, icons, textures, patterns, headlines and subheadings. But it should also involve people at those times when the brand speaks to them openly: in catalogues and web sites, in adverts on TV or Facebook or at the bus stop.

The brand identity is everywhere and conveys messages and values through the power of visuals and words, establishing a conversation with the people with whom it makes contact.


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