Marketing with Experiences

Marketing with a human face

By studying people’s behaviour, we can gain an understanding of the complex systems or the simple actions that govern their choices. Our mission is to engage people so that we can design best possible experience for them.

Up to now, companies have had access only to ineffective tools and approaches, unsuitable for objective and unmediated investigation into the real experience of people as lived in their physical and digital ecosystems. Reality is interconnected and omnichannel. Our analysis can be performed on any type of product: physical and digital products or environments with high information complexity. We can help companies by providing a complete and in-depth vision of what people see, say and do, but above all how they feel during the relationship with their points of contact.

We look to the value of big data and small data; we manage the complexity of digital marketing and the large amounts of data we can collect by bringing our listening and our care to all individual tasks:

  • organic visibility (SEO)
  • on-line measurements (DA-Digital Analytics)
  • social media presence (SMO-Social Media Optimization)
  • paid traffic (ADV)