The Sixth W manifesto

  1. 1_ There are no users and customers. There are people, with their wishes, their fears, their own stories.
  2. 2_ People express at any moment in time what they wish, live, fear. Listening is enough.
  3. 3_ Listening to people means reaching out to them in every situation and place.
  4. 4_ Listening to people means asking them what makes an experience useful, enjoyable and natural.
  5. 5_ Listening to people means understanding and comprehending what they express with their whole being. Words, gazes, emotions.
  6. 6_ People, after all, do know what they want. Just ask them and watch them. It's simple, but not easy. Better do it now.
  7. 7_ Designing experiences with people from the very beginning is useful, beautiful and fulfilling: for those who design them and for those who live them.
  8. 8_ Those who design can immediately take the right direction, waste no time or resources, create more effective messages, better products and services.
  9. 9_ Those who live a new experience, will find it simple, natural and rewarding: up to their expectations.
  10. 10_ Simple when you are not forced to ask yourself too many questions. Natural when you live it spontaneously. Rewarding when it makes you happy and satisfied.
  11. 11_ Listening and watching is not easy. But now we know something more about people: the way they think, what moves them, what makes them feel better.
  12. 12_ We can read into wishes and behaviours drawing on the many sciences that go into the human in depth.
  13. 13_ Talking to people continues until they will say that the message, the product, the service is exactly what they expect, and even more.
  14. 14_ In a world overloaded by so many bits of information and moving at an hectic pace, doing things more easily and naturally makes us feel better.
  15. 15_ Enabling people to do things more easily and naturally is also good for those who design and create them. When satisfied people become more loyal.
  16. 16_ Everyone has the right to know how to design and create useful, enjoyable and natural experiences. That makes things easier and brings beauty into everyday life.
  17. 17_ We should all have open places where to learn how to create better experiences for everyone. Where to live and read opinions, behaviours and feelings.
  18. 18_ Designing and creating with people from the beginning is a leap that requires momentum and belief, cooperation and dissemination by many.
  19. 19_ Who, What, Where, When, Why: something essential is missing from the essential elements of every good project. The sixth W.
  20. 20_ The sixth W is With. “With” means together. With people. With researchers. With companies and institutions.

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