We enhance experiences by listening: the TSW approach

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Listening, connecting and sharing. These are the pillars of TSW’s approach, which aims to be able to create truly “tailor-made” experiences for people.

People, tools and places are the elements that distinguish a totally oriented approach to continuous improvement of the experience. A balance built upon an ecosystem of elements in relation to each other, in which each one is fundamental.

What: What TSW does

For over 20 years TSW has been listening, trying to get to know and understand people deeply. Technologies, tools and needs are constantly changing but our goal remains the same: to put people back at the center, to stop to listen to them or simply observe them to understand what they tell us and what they do not tell us.

From psychology to ergonomics, from sociology to anthropology, from “data science” to digital marketing: people who are part of TSW have different paths, they come from disciplines that are sometimes distant from each other, which allows us to significantly expand the field of action in different sectors.

From SEO to the SEM, from Content Marketing to the User Experience: the approach oriented towards listening and connecting with users (even if we prefer to call them people) pervades every area, thus giving the possibility to always work with the person and her/his needs at the center.

Why: what moves TSW

There is always a motivation behind the actions, the gestures of each individual, a need to be discovered to know the truest intentions and the most authentic aspirations. Investigating the why behind things really help us understand them: people want to be heard, they want their needs to be understood, they want effective solutions that really meet their needs.

The reasons and their needs do not always emerge immediately, indeed. Sometimes these are implicit, unconscious or difficult to explain. The goal of TSW is to make them appear, understand them. Because being listened to is what people want, because only by entering into a relationship and “reconnecting” with them we can design the best possible solution to their needs.

Who: people, emotions, listening, dialogue

Everything starts with people. Tools, technologies, skills and methodology help in the task of listening to and understanding them but the person, understood as an individual who feels emotions, has needs, remains at the center of every activity. We all, as individuals, live experiences every day and it is from people like us that we must start to improve them step by step, in a continuous process.

Ours is a process based on listening and dialogue. The responses of people to certain stimuli, the emotions they experience in certain situations, their reactions represent the starting point that they offer us every day to arrive at the realization of an experience made to measure for those who live it.

Where: the places of experience

Experience pervades every environment, physical and digital. Every day, in our daily actions, we interact in different ways with something in different contexts: we shop online, take public transport, drive cars, choose what to eat and watch a movie. Each of these environments represents a “place” of experience: our lives are characterized by a myriad of “places” of this kind.

Observing people, users, and analyzing them in different contexts of action helps to understand how their experiences can be improved. Optimizing them, making them more functional and pleasant with respect to the objectives of those who live in them is a step forward to make everyday life easier.

TSW brings its skills and tools to the places of experience, exiting from the spaces of Treviso and Milan, to listen to people while they live every situation, with objectives of continuous progress and evolution: while they use their smartphone, they withdraw from the ATM, they go up on the subway, they shop at the supermarket.

When: at any time

Experiences are in every space, but also in every time. An experience is composed of many small moments, each one fundamental and each of them can be improved to evolve the experience as a whole. A person who interacts with places, machines, applications performs more operations to reach her/his goal, coming into contact several times and in different ways with the brand, in different forms. All the individual moments of the customer journey are part of the experience, without people becoming aware of moving from digital to physical and vice versa.

Observing, monitoring and analyzing all the steps of the path that each individual takes before reaching her/his scope is fundamental to understand it as a whole. But modifying, correcting, testing and then repeating these operations several times represents the necessary condition to improve an experience that can never be considered definitive, even if done. In an iterative process of continuous improvement.

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10 September 2018 Alessandro D'Annibale

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