Usability test and expert analysis

Through a usability test or an expert analysis we can assess whether products and services meet people’s needs and expectations. Trying them out with the people who will use them is the only way to see if they meet the needs for which they were created.

Obviously, one of the most effective ways to tell if a product or service works is to test it. This is our approach to see if what we do actually works and to work out how we can improve it. This kind of assessment can be carried out together with people (usability testing), or directly by a team of usability experts (expert analysis).

Usability testing
Through the use of eye tracking, our tests make digital products easier to use, more satisfactory and focused on results in terms of business and communication.

Usability tests allow us to understand how users interpret the brand product offer, how they interact with services and what expectations drive them.

It gives voice to people’s behaviour, allowing us to collect information on interaction and aim towards satisfaction. By incorporating the test participants’ feedback into the design, we can achieve a greater level of user satisfaction and increase the profitability of the experience.

Today, people’s experiences are a product in themselves. Steering its development through the people who will use the product is the most effective way of competing and of distinguishing the brand.

The test with users isolates and examines the flow of activities in a specific stage of the customer journey. It has the advantage of being an adaptable and flexible tool, capable of adding value to any phase of the project precisely because it collects a complete and ordered set of data on what users see, do and say.

In the following phase, our analysis reveals the series of problems encountered by users, the errors made and also the positive elements. This enables us to:

  • offer appropriate solutions to the problems encountered by users
  • enable people to achieve their goals faster and more comfortably
  • guarantee, in the case of our clients’ digital products, the efficient transformation of users into customers (the so-called “conversion”)

TSW performs usability testing on all platforms, applying eye tracking and think aloud both inside and outside its laboratories.

Expert analysis
With expert analysis we can pinpoint the major usability problems and define concrete actions for improvement.
Expert analysis does not initially entail the involvement of people, but is performed by a team of usability experts. The method is generally bipartite:

  1. usability heuristics: usability heuristics analysis involves inspections by a group of experts who verify how far the usability criteria and parameters are being met;
  2. heuristic simulation: an activity in which each member of the usability experts team steps into the user’s shoes and uses the interface to satisfy a particular need for information. The test aims to identify the usability barriers that the user might encounter.

While not testing the site or the interface in direct collaboration with people, the expert analysis references the actual user of a digital interface and attempts to identify the difficulties he or she may encounter.

It is the most suitable tool for acquiring an overview of the major usability problems; analytically, it is less demanding than performing a test with people and takes less time.
It often serves to identify and define in advance with the partner the search queries and tasks with which to interact with people.

The expert analysis of usability becomes very efficient in solving the most apparent issues before testing with people, who in turn are more useful for the investigation of “dynamic” errors connected to the interaction between the site and the user.

In the case of projects that are highly complex or require a detailed review of layouts, the report may also contain wireframes and mock-up graphics with restyling ideas, in view of the partial redesign of the website.


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