TSW: a continuous research center for companies capable of listening

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We activate new research projects every day to give companies the opportunity to admire a masterpiece: the real, concrete experience of the end customer with their products and services


TSW XP lab

Designing anything – be it a website, an editorial plan, or a new point of sale – on the basis of the technical expertise of an expert – a designer, a social media manager, an architect – and then seeing how it performs, evaluating its performance, and modifying its underperforming aspects, is the norm.

Co-designing anything, together with the people for whom it will be intended, thanks also to the technical skills of an expert, is extraordinary.

Which, all things considered, is even simpler: all it takes is a meeting place, an experience (physical or virtual), someone interested in improving it to make it better, and someone else willing to listen. A few, magical, ingredients to add that “co” in front of “design” that revolutionizes the way things are done.

TSW: an endless collection of user experiences

From home banking, to the coffee machine interface, but also editorial plans and adv strategies: over the years, we have collected and listened to donations of experience from so many people that we can say, without presumption, that we really know in depth the expectations of end customers in every industry. Yet, it is never enough, because we continue to be amazed at how powerful it is to act as a bridge, a mediator, between companies and customers.

Thus, we continue to initiate new research projects to feed our collection of real experiences; we meet people who tell us about the products and services they are dealing with, what works and what just doesn’t, what they would have thought differently if someone had simply asked them.

The truth as seen through the keyhole

At TSW, we collect experiences every day. We have hours and hours of what we call “reconnections”, in which company customers – whom we accompany in the discovery of this new way of doing things – tell us with all their (sometimes crude) sincerity how things should be done. An immense treasure of information, collected in the simplest and most ancient of ways: by listening.

So, somewhat like Degas, who painted the truth as seen through the keyhole, we also give companies the opportunity to “spy” on a masterpiece: the end customer’s real, concrete experience with a product or service.

And if on the other side of the door they were talking about you, your site, your latest product, wouldn’t you want to listen too?

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4 April 2024 Gaia Lapomarda

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