Data analysis and strategy

The map and the route

Every project that we create with our partners starts with people and different data scenarios. Analysing the data gives us a “roadmap” that we can use to implement the strategy, i.e. a specific and individual “route” towards achieving our goal.

Data scenarios

Whatever the project goal may be – from search engine optimisation to website redesign, from campaign launch to content strategy, from the definition of service specifications to product quality or positioning – TSW always starts with the same simple question: who are we talking to?

A knowledge of people and what surrounds them is the starting point of all our projects.

For this reason, TSW investigates scenarios using the most appropriate methods for the specific circumstances:
who are the people we are addressing

  • which values are they looking for in our brand
  • who are the brand’s competitors?
  • what are the market trends relevant to the brand and competitors alike

This approach aims to provide an overall picture needed to truly understand people’s needs, or, in other words, to provide the roadmap we need in order to develop an effective strategy to reach them and talk to them.

Once the scenario is clear, we use the collected data to develop a strategy that will best meet the needs of our partners.

The wide-ranging scope of the exploratory phase also allows us to investigate the problem deeply, testing hypotheses and highlighting previously ignored elements, in order to define the right working strategy.

From these solid foundations – always starting from people’s needs – we create a detailed roadmap that describes the different project phases. For each of these we ask ourselves:

  • who are the actors involved
  • what are the goals
  • what are the tools needed to achieve these goals.

In other words, we plot the route on the map using information from the preliminary analysis.


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