Design for Experiences

User experience and user interface

Use experiences must incorporate people’s points of view in order to design satisfactory solutions that will achieve the predetermined goals of the experience design.

To do this we devise evolution strategies for digital and non-digital products and for complex IT ecosystems, designing useful experiences that are consistent within the entire customer journey. The information and the way in which each person accesses it are the means through which we create value, trust and awareness.

Permanently embedding the usability analysis within the design and development process allows us to achieve the best results from this point of view: the people for whom the activities are designed and the quality of their experience are always central, because their feedback is crucial. This is the only way to be certain that the site, interface and, more generally, the business and its goals meet the expectations and actual needs of people.

The analysis is not limited to the initial design phase: ongoing usability consultation makes it possible to monitor issues and to intervene as they arise. All this is set in motion every time we are faced with people’s experience – not only in the digital world, but also in the physical domain. This is not just limited to web interfaces, but also extends to all the ways in which people interact with brands and their products in everyday life.

People’s experience is at the core of every process: only by understanding it and recognising its value at every stage can we succeed in satisfying people’s needs and creating real appreciation of what is offered.


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