Designing valuable content: the importance of shooting in a social campaign

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Lights, camera…action! Or would it be better to say: emotion? Yes, because it is right from the initial shooting stage that we begin to design content capable of making people experience authentic emotions.


Photo shooting for Lazzaris

A communication strategy aimed at understanding people’s real emotions and needs is the foundation of a brand’s success. That’s why, at TSW we engage in exactly that, every day: we take care of the experiences that companies bring to their customers, through very different skills and tools.

Included among these is the design of content that goes beyond simple graphic representation: we work to integrate concepts, images, and words synergistically to create value for businesses through creative outputs designed to elicit real and authentic emotions.

This inevitably leads us to increasingly consider and propose to clients one of the activities that best represents this approach: the photo shoot. This is one of the most effective activities for approaching people since it transforms each shot into a powerful vehicle for emotional communication.

But how is it possible to organize a social media shoot in a way that not only reflects the company’s core values, but at the same time is a powerful emotional lever to bring people closer to the brand, giving visibility to the product and generating quality interactions and conversions?

Effective shooting always starts with planning

The realization of a photo shoot for social media, which stands out on the great deal of the digital world, requires a well-defined and technically calibrated strategy, where every choice – from the lens to the post-production – must be guided by scrupulous planning.

This methodical approach not only elevates the quality of the content produced, but also ensures that each visual element acts as a powerful communication tool, maximizing the impact and effectiveness of the brand’s social media presence.

Concretely, any self-respecting planning should include:

1 – Goal setting

The first step in being able to concretize a photo shoot is to clarify, from the outset, the objectives of the work. In fact, it is essential to identify the target audience and ask yourself about the messages you want to convey through the images produced, so that you can guide all future decisions, from creative to logistical aspects.

The objectives can range from brand awareness to the specific promotion of products or services, up to strengthening engagement with your social community.

2 – The development of a concept

Having defined the objectives, the next step is the development of the concept of the shoot. This highly creative stage must translate the brand’s values and essence into images, echoing the needs and expectations of its target audience.

To make this process not only intuitive but also targeted, it is effective to draw inspiration from existing concepts and social trends, and then identify your own unique vision, which works for the work to be done and which has an impact on the brand both in the short term and in the long term. The creation of a moodboard, for example, can become an indispensable tool: by collecting images, colours, typography and other visual elements, you can compose a coherent and inspiring picture of the message you want to convey.

3 – The selection of a location and team

Careful choice of location is crucial to the success of the shoot, and it must be in perfect harmony with the message you intend to communicate; this decision must also consider aspects such as lighting, space, and context to ensure that each element contributes positively to the overall atmosphere of the shoot.

In parallel, it is essential to form a team of competent professionals – such as creative director, photographer, digital strategist, social media manager, graphic designer – who share the vision of the project and are capable of bringing it to light.

4 – Organization and logistics

The operational phase of the shoot requires a great deal of organization and effective logistical management. In fact, it is essential to establish a detailed schedule, indicating the dates and times of the shoot and also taking into consideration any external factors such as weather conditions, available hours of light, the specifics of the location, and the availability of the chosen props.

But not only. Efficient logistics management also involves meticulous coordination of team and equipment movements; this means ensuring that every team member knows exactly where and when they need to be, and that photographic equipment, accessories and any other necessary items are transported safely and promptly, during all phases of the shoot, from assembly to disassembly.

5 – Post-production of images

Finally, image selection and post-production represent the final steps of each shoot. These two steps are essential to ensure that the final photographs accurately reflect the initial concept and meet the brand’s high quality standards. In addition, it is also crucial to properly prepare images for the various social channels in order to maximize visual impact and increase audience engagement.

TSW with Lazzaris

Listening carefully to the needs of clients and the people to whom brand communication will be directed, and working with a customized design, allows TSW to become a de facto reliable partner for organizing photo shoots intended for social media.

An exemplary case of our tailor-made approach is the shoot we did for Lazzaris, a long-standing client of our company, known for its gourmet gastronomic products such as jams, preserves and sauces.

For this client, we organized an articulated photo shoot inside a domestic home, distributed among the kitchen, living room, and terrace. The set included 12 vertical shots in 12 different settings, each designed specifically for social media, with an optimized 4:5 format, ideal for mobile viewing.

Each scene portrayed different everyday situations such as outdoor breakfasts, snacks, aperitifs on the terrace and dinners with friends, supported by fresh produce and raw materials to add a touch of authenticity and visual richness. In fact, all the shots were conceived with scrupulous attention to detail: from sophisticated table settings set with vintage tableware to emphasize the Italian culinary tradition, to modern urban settings to illustrate the brand’s innovation and relevance, each element was chosen to enhance the message of Lazzaris products.


With professionalism and a critical eye for the design and set-up of the photographic set, our work with Lazzaris and all our clients is continuing to define new standards in visual marketing, confirming our commitment to producing results that not only attract attention, but which tell stories capable of resonating, on an emotional level, with an increasingly varied audience.

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22 April 2024 Margherita Stefanello

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