CRO and A/B Test

With the aim of improving the quality of people’s experiences, the performance of digital and other properties, we always adopt a hybrid approach for our projects.

Using the Mixed Methods model we get the best results by drawing on different methodologies and combining different techniques, including:

  • analysis of people’s behaviour;
  • evolved UX and UI phases;
  • A/B testing cycles, split or multivariate testing, which separates the traffic on the pages and keeps track of people’s behaviour at aggregate level.

The use of Multivariate Testing allows us to experiment with different combinations of elements and content for the same page. This functionality provides detailed evidence about people’s interactions, with a view to highlighting the versions with the best conversion rates and performance.

With A/B testing we can test two different versions of the same page, showing the differences in performance at template level.

Depending on the type of platforms and the content and property to be optimised, the most appropriate test methods are chosen to assess the impact of people’s feedback on performance.

The entire cycle can be repeated iteratively, thereby implementing a strategy of continuous improvement of performance and people’s experience.


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With people’s Experiences

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