IED and TSW: listening and optimization for an improved user experience

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IED and TSW chart new paths in digital, where SEO, quality content and conversion strategies come together to create unique user experiences


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The collaboration between the European Institute of Design (IED) and TSW has given rise to a model of continuous synergy, which has expertly integrated copywriting and design skills, social strategies, SEO dynamics and user interaction analysis, with the aim to develop content that meets the needs of the brand and attracts the attention of their target audience effectively.

Through this collaboration, in TSW we are committed to building a narrative that enhances the diversity and training excellence of the IED, with the aim of promoting the institute’s training offer not only in Italy and Spain, but also in its locations international. This alliance represents a fundamental pillar in IED’s digital success strategy, and demonstrates how important it is to combine complementary skills to achieve common goals in the digital world.

Synergy on social media and editorial strategies

The collaboration established between IED Official and Accademia Galli – part of the IED network – with TSW is proving essential in building a strong and recognizable digital identity. In fact, through the implementation of a targeted content strategy for the effective use of IED channels, we set ourselves the ambitious goal of exploring and exploiting every emerging communication opportunity.

The definition of a detailed editorial calendar, for example, which reflects the needs and peculiarities of each IED channel and location, is at the center of our vision. This approach allows us to highlight the richness and diversity of IED’s training offering, thus making the company emerge as a global point of reference for innovation in design, fashion, and the creative world.

The development of interesting and relevant content that reflects IED’s identity is also an important point of our editorial strategy. The optimized management of content publication on each platform and the monthly analysis of metrics allow us to evaluate the effectiveness of our strategies and continuously refine performance, always benefiting from the integration of social advertising campaigns, i.e. targeted investments in advertising.

Focus on SEO, content and conversion

In order to obtain high-performance results, every editorial and social strategy needs to be guided by SEO, with the aim of creating targeted content and, consequently, optimizing conversions. It is precisely through this three-dimensional approach that we are trying to maximize IED’s online visibility, improve user engagement and increase the number of conversions, which can range from course registrations to interaction with information material.

Our approach to SEO starts with a detailed analysis of user searches, which means not only understanding which keywords are being used, but also the context and expectations behind these searches. With this information, we aim to optimize the IED website, improving its speed, usability and content to maximize relevance and indexing.

To do this, as underlined, the production of high-quality content is necessary, a winning formula that attracts the attention of both users and search engines. This involves writing articles and website pages, aimed at reflecting the excellence and diversity of IED’s training offering.

Listening, simplicity and clarity to guide people

Focusing on user experience, beyond any SEO strategy or content, means diving deeply into the needs, desires and expectations of the audience we target.

Starting from actively listening to users, we are trying to open a direct window on their experiences, collecting valuable feedback that has guided our optimization path. This process allows us to identify key areas for targeted interventions every day, which go far beyond the simple functionality of the IED website.

Optimizing navigation is one of the first stages of this journey: we are in fact working to ensure that the path within the site is not only intuitive but also pleasant, ensuring that every user can find what they are looking for with maximum ease.

Calls to action (CTAs) are also receiving particular attention. By making them visible and persuasive, we try to clarify the desired course of action, pushing the user towards conversion without creating feelings of pressure or confusion. All this is possible thanks to careful copywriting and design work, which allows you to effectively balance the call to action and usability.

This particularly user-centric approach is not only significantly improving the site experience, but is also having a positive impact on SEO as a natural consequence. A well-structured site, easy to navigate, full of relevant and easily accessible content, in fact, is rewarded by search engines with greater visibility.

In other words, by improving people’s experience, we indirectly aim to optimize the site for search engines, demonstrating that genuine attention to user needs leads to lasting benefits on multiple fronts.

A hybrid people-focused approach

The heart of our digital strategy for IED, and more generally of every TSW strategy, lies in a hybrid approach that places people at the center of every action.

This methodology, which combines the most advanced SEO optimization techniques, targeted conversion strategies, advertising investments and quality content production, highlights the importance of an intimate understanding of the needs, desires and behaviors of our audience.

Through this analytical lens that integrates analytical data and human insights, we strive every day to personalize and refine the communication and services offered to IED, ensuring that every interaction is as relevant and engaging as possible.

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21 February 2024 Francesco Triglia

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