Interviews and ethnographic research

Today, the real wealth we should seek is people; their value is the precious contribution that they can provide.

Since 2007, we have involved people to enhance their experience with digital and physical products and their interaction with surrounding environments. In recent years, we have further developed our investigative methodology, looking to neuroscience and cognitive science and combining them with user experience research and anthropological research methods to improve our understanding of the emotional responses generated by the different experiences that people live through every day.

Qualitative and quantitative analysis approach
When we analyse a scenario, our initial approach is quali-quantitative and consists of:

  • a qualitative research phase intended to gather the elements that make up the analysed event and to understand the needs and motivations underlying people’s choices and their reference models;
  • a quantitative research phase to validate the insights emerging from the qualitative phase. It involves measuring people’s behaviours and attitudes and classifying the data using statistical methods.

The goal of this approach is first of all to obtain a more complete and reliable view of the analysed event, based on interpreting explicit and implicit feedback and gaining a deep understanding of people’s expectations, their behaviour and their real needs.

TSW’s qualitative research methodology requires the creation and conduction of interviews, participant observation (also remotely), shadowing, etc.

In terms of quantitative research, we create and manage surveys, databases analysis, desk research, etc.
The results of this complementary approach support the development of the strategy.

The integration of an anthropological approach
But quantitative analysis cannot provide all the answers to people’s needs. Instead, a deeper analysis focused on people’s lives and their habits, taking into account their culture and allowing us to connect with them, can provide the innovation that we need now more than ever.

For some years we have integrated this approach into our methodology, blending these skills transversally in the various project phases. From defining strategy to recruiting our test participants, from content development for a publishing project to its placing in the various markets, as well as communication in social media.

The goal is always the same: direct engagement in order to gain the deepest possible understanding of the people we refer to, to create experiences that are much more pleasant and aligned with their expectations.


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