Anthropological Marketing: the people at the center to enhance the Human-Customer Experience

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The Marketing understood as a discipline that involves all the activities aimed at identifying and satisfying the needs and requirements of the market, is by definition in continuous evolution. Although the strategies, actions and channels used are subject to constant innovation, the approach the public to whom the brands turn is almost the same unchanged. Indeed, the dominant doctrine continues to see people as a target that meets strict categorization criteria, most of the time neglecting human and person-related aspects. The “target” is also almost always interpreted as a recipient of actions and rarely as a collaborator able to provide useful information and insights to develop experiences, content, products and services that will be destined to her/him.

Until yesterday were companies to segment the “target”. Today it is people who segment companies and then prefer them based on the experiences they are able to offer as well as shared values. We are only at the beginning of a new important revolution!

In today’s marketing world, the true wealth this is what we must aspire to: le people and the valuable contribution they can make. We at TSW know this and that is why since 2007 we involve users to improve digital experiences and in recent years we have evolved our survey methodology looking at neuroscience and cognitive sciences, and adopting new techniques of neuromarketing to understand the emotional response of people to the experiences that involve them every day.

But this is not enough, we want to open ourselves to people and their culture also through another point of view: anthropology. We believe that not all the answers to people’s needs can come from quantitative analyzes, big data and even from neuromarketing tests that we already conduct today. A profound analysis that enters people’s homes and habits, that speaks with men and women and that considers all the aspects inherent in their culture can represent the true innovation of which marketing, and the way of doing research, needs.

We have already begun to apply this approach and these skills in the field of anthropology in a transversal way in the key phases of our projects for companies. From the strategic definition, to the criterion with which we identify and we select people participating in ours test on the Customer Experience, from how we conceive the content in editorial projects dedicated to brands, such as the way we localize them in individual foreign markets, as well as all communication actions in social media. The underlying objective of everything is always the same: to involve directly ant to understand with the utmost depth the point of view of the people to whom we turn, to create experiences that are as pleasant and aligned with their expectations.

Linda Armano researcher and anthropologist, has integrated two apparently distant disciplines: anthropology and marketing. Thus was born the Anthropological Marketing a doctrine that studies and analyzes, descending into the context in which people live and act, their needs, their needs and desires, finding applicable solutions.

The Anthropological Marketing therefore arises in collaboration and not in antithesis, with respect to marketing theories, setting itself as a different point of view and complementary to it. The people and the cultural context, and no longer the target, as is typical of traditional marketing, is the real core of its focus.

We wanted to introduce this topic with a content that could best illustrate what Anthropological Marketing is. What better way than to let us tell it in person by those who theorized it and joined our team? Here is ours video interview to Linda Armano, an integral part of the project Human Experience of TSW.

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15 March 2017 Christian Carniato

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