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Care, relationship and listening in TSW places to understand and learn how essential they are to improve the quality of the experience, and therefore the life, of people.


16. Everyone has the right to know how to design and create useful, enjoyable and natural experiences. That makes things easier and brings beauty into everyday life.

17. We should all have open places where to learn how to create better experiences for everyone. Where to live and read opinions, behaviours and feelings.


These words are not a dead letter in our manifesto, but a concrete vision for the sustainable development of our project: to make our laboratories in the Treviso and Milan offices open places in which to welcome companies, partners, research or training centers to live a direct experience of reconnection and understanding on how to generate value for the people who come to them every day, as consumers of products or users of services.

Open places means for us to open our spaces completely free of charge, to involve our people, to field our digital and experience marketing skills (from SEO to Digital Analytics, from user tests to online surveys, from content to adv , from UX to CRO…) and apply our “listening method” capable of combining qualitative research protocols and quantitative analysis tools (such as eye trackers, biometric sensors and stimulus sensors and monitoring of the so-called brain activity) that allow to detect physiological attention, emotional, cognitive, interaction and behavioral data in relation to artifacts or interfaces, analog or digital.

Open for whom, to whom? Everyone, or anyone, beyond the function or department in which it is located, who has the time and the opportunity to invest in the quality of the experiences that he creates, and if we want, the interest and desire, to know a way to reconnect the activities he leads in the company with the real recipient and beneficiary of his work.

If you have a digital project to test or the interest in analyzing the quality of experience lived with an interface, we can host you for a direct comparison, mediated only by our facilitators (who can be considered as translators), with the people who visit  “your” site every day or interface with  “your” app, enter  “your” shop or use  “your” service, use  “your” product or relate online with  “your” brand.

This activity aims to elicit and transform the immaterial values connected by people to a brand or a company, to a service or a product, into something concrete, experimentable, measurable, recordable and enhanceable in its realization, positioning and distribution, dissemination, promotion and distribution in all channels.

This initiative (not stimulated by paid projects) is only in its infancy, strongly desired and supported by our founder and CEO Christian Carniato who launched it with his article (the page you are reading is a summary of it). We all of the TSW team hope to be able to spread and find acceptance also with other partners, but right now it wants to be a way to transfer and share our approach that, after more than twenty years of experience in digital marketing, has found expression in listening, analyzing, restoring the quality of people’s experience and reconnection between these and the companies.

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