TSW XP Lab: Enhancing Human Experience

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For some months we have been wondering if it is possible to know what people are experiencing and how they feel when they interact with brands, products or services, places and experiences that involve them. Not just on a website, like we do since 2007, but also inside a store, or a mobile app, between the gates of an airport or between the shelves of a supermarket, or in front of a TV spot.

From the outset the driving force was to make the work of whatever company effective on the market. At all levels. We started from pure digital and today we are able to support them in all the touchpoints of the world. Over the years this has translated into research constant, with important investments in people, specific skills and tools, returns possible from the solidity and consistency of the work done, and from the technological partnership with Qwince, innovation enabler and Cool Vendor in Market Research for Gartner.

Investigate the emotions therefore allows giving concrete answers to what people want, too when they can’t express it. Authentic and unmediated reactions.

Is it the future? No, this is the present in which we live. The areas of application are infinite and precisely controlled and competence is our driving force for the years to come.  

The answer we gave to the initial question, and which we have told, it is “Yes“. From today, through the marketing and the TSW XP Lab, it is possible to understand and improve the experience of people. And we tell this new reality through a new website, which we launch today, in conjunction with our participation in the Wired Next Fest.

The new TSW XP Lab Project

Welcome to a new experience: TSW XP Lab.

TSW XP Lab: home page

We wanted to evoke all the richness of experiments, innovations, studies and research that we have done so far to understand how people live the brand experience: the site tells about our areas of action and our approach using video and large format images, in one engaging, innovative and usable navigation logic.

Let’s start with usability, going through fundamental stages of the journey, such as the neuromarketing, the shopping experience and customer journey analysis are the fundamental stages of the journey, with the people in the center, for measure and improve the involvement that everyone experiences in daily interactions with products and services. We combine usability and neuromarketing to measure the complete experience of people.

The site is a real experience, which tells what and how we analyze, measure and improve every day.

TSW XP Lab: Neuromarketing

We were born in 1997, and since then we have been weaving conversations and relationships with people, with the aim of sharing, creating and reflecting on new synergies.

In our new site you will read an important sentence: Enhancing Human Experience. We will apply it to the letter. Inside and outside TSW.

Visit the TSW XP Lab website

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26 May 2016 Christian Carniato

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