Open places to find and give hospitality to People’s Experiences

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Dear guests, welcome to our site!


Yes, because even if we are on the web, it is a question of hospitality, not hosting.

The people who enter our home page, we could consider them, and many do, as unique users, occasional or habitual visitors, but for us just because it is a home, they are guests.

The host term derives from the Latin hospes and, as then, also in Italian has a double meaning: it refers both to those who give hospitality and, more commonly, to those who receive it.

Originally the guest was the ‘landlord ‘who gave hospitality to the ‘foreigner’, who, in Rome or Athens (the Greek word was xénos), was not a ‘foreigner’ in general, nor even an ‘enemy’, but one ‘foreigner who was recognized equal rights to those of the citizens’.

The fact is, however, that the relationships that were established between those who received and those who were received were so close – also linked to the fact that those who were housed undertook in turn to reciprocate the hospitality – which host also indicated the person received at home of others. The reciprocity of the hospitality pact is therefore at the origin of the double meaning of the word ospite in Italian.

The same word symbol (from the Greek syv-ballein, con-join) takes us back to the concept of hospitality, as it originally represented the hospitality card. Not a plasticized loyalty (so to speak) card to be kept dispersed among others in a wallet, but it was a shard broken precisely in two mating parts thanks to which the guests recognized themselves even after generations.

The bond of equality, reciprocity and lasting mutual exchange that is established between “guests” understood in this way, and the symbolic aspect of reconnection, re-joining people in a physical place, which resembles, or symbolically stands for, a house, are the traits that really interest us when we bring someone to live an experience in our laboratories.

It is true for us, when we host people and give them the tools (techniques and technologies) and interpreters (researchers and experience designers) for reconnection, but also for the partner company that is our guest in the laboratories and there hosts its users or customers.

This is ultimately for all involved actors “simply” of this: to live consciously, or to acquire direct awareness of what really constitutes the relationship, and the experience with a brand or its products or services, to enhance the experience, to bring it to be increasingly simple, natural and satisfying.

In this regard we have an important thing to donate to you (even more than to the company you work for today), as a guest and a professional who is responsible for generating experiences, hopefully pleasant, fluid and true: a day to live an experience direct in our laboratories.

This is not a commercial “open door”, but it is only the beginning of a movement that is written in time and in fact. Since:

  1. Everyone has the right to know how to design and create useful, pleasant and natural experiences. That make things simpler and bring beauty into everyday life.
  2. We should all have open places where we can learn to create better experiences for all. Where to live, read, interpret opinions, behaviors and emotions.

For us, the words written in the Manifesto of the Sixth W, which is the With, meaning with people, and gives the name to our company, they are not a dead letter, but a verb and inspiration for our daily activities and concrete actions.

It is better to refer to renaissance humanism or even an aristocratic antiquity rather than the materialistic middle ages in which we have lived in recent years and which fortunately, also thanks to technological pulverization, is coming to an end to restore a renaissance of consciences and values.

In TSW we realized that the truth of words, the value of the approach or of this same message, are not as immediate and direct as personal experience and the reconnection to individual experiences that can be realized in a moment of contact.

For this reason, if you have a digital project to test or the interest in analyzing the quality of the experience lived with an interface, we can open our laboratories in Treviso or Milan for a direct encounter, mediated only by our facilitators (who can be considered as translators), with people who visit “your” site every day or interface with “your” app, enter “your” store or use “your” service, use “your” product or relate online with “your” brand…

At TSW, after more than twenty years of experience in digital marketing, we have chosen to evolve: from digital (as long as this word still makes sense today) to listening and analyzing the quality of people’s experience and eventually the reconnection between them and the companies.

If you are sensitive to this type of evolution of our work ( that “our” also includes you), if you have time to devote, curiosity or pleasure, you will have the opportunity to come and visit us to better understand the approach we carry out in our laboratories where you will find our researchers who confront themselves every day with the reality of people’s lives.

Today’s TSW and the company for which you work are different and certainly unique, as we believe it can be the experiences they generate and the people who are part of them and for this reason we think it is worthwhile getting to know each other and discuss, possibly on projects concrete. Because only by living this “reconnection” can one understand and learn how much care and listening are essential and fundamental elements to enhance the quality of the experience (and therefore life) of people.

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26 April 2019 Christian Carniato

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