The germination site for our values of involvement and sharing

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The germination site is that place where the seeds are put “to abode” before the planting.



This place resumes today there our history, i.e. the content from articles of the blog that we hold from the 2006, it fits them in a new container.

But there is more here, or at least we hope so.

What we hope today with this launching and with the new site (actually I already have ideas to change a few things… but before we have to do, or to go out, and then improve, with the contribution of the people), is that this site can become a place for the crop (or the culture) where the fertile seeds that have reproduced, developing experiences over the years, can find new nutrients from the context and different contributions from the people who in the meantime have joined the projects. People mostly recalled from these values themselves that emerged selectively in our activities.

Well, if the metaphor here is clear, it should be easy to understand why this is our seedbed!

Such as germinator and fertilizer you can find the Sixth W Manifesto
and the listening approach that underlies it.

The manifesto is a text in twenty lines that I have written for need.

Need to express, need to say, need to put black on white the value that I have found, interpreted, included or rediscovered thanks to people, were they: colleagues, partners, customers or users; even though these latter do not exist, or do not exist only as such, as you will have the opportunity to read, if you like.

in years of TSW, well 21 this September, perhaps I’m the only constant… for better or worse.

Responsible for failures or wrong choices, fortunately few the former and remediables the latter, and the author of a success generated by others, the people with whom I had the good fortune to work with, on whom I could rely, from whom I learned and with whom I have had the opportunity to clash and rejoice in all these years.

Anyone who knows me knows that these words weigh on me and are not really taken for granted.

But even among colleagues or collaborators and even among our most historic clients or partners, I believe few know why TSW is called TSW, or “tiessevù” how it is often called.

I will not say it here, do not worry… In the end it is not important to understand why the company I founded more than twenty years ago have this name.

But in this site I hope you finally understand, beyond the abovementioned why, the meaning that TSW, or the acronym of The Sixth W, has for me today and on which I would like you too to linger.

Browse the site freely and focus on what catches your interest or draws your attention; please take some time and prove that the tests with the users are needed (and that maybe it was worth making more evident certain content that you now find it a bit hidden in the hamburger menu at the top right, here I said it!).

I would be very pleased to know what you think, how you propose to enhance it or what contributions you would like to make.

My name is Christian Carniato, I’m the founder and CEO of TSW, and I am very proud to be able to present to you today the new website.

Well, I wish you a good surf and


for your visit!

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18 September 2018 Christian Carniato

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