Activating effective and efficient online campaigns in the finance sector. People can tell us much more than what we think.

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The experience of researching, understanding, buying and opening financial and credit products is a decision-making process made up of knowledge, expectations, desires and perceptions that belong to people and that are strongly conditioned by the contexts in which it occurs. What people live and feel and the knowledge they obtain through their experience represent “that piece” connecting all the moments that are part of a digital (or not) channels development strategy.

A scenario that even large financial groups are developing and implementing considering different activities as synergistically as possible. How are they trying to do that? Through an integrated approach comprehending the listen to people, in order to make it possible and concrete to achieve the optimization of the customer experience, increasing the performances of one’s own Brand.


Being visible online: listening tools and approach

Managing and defining paid visibility strategies to achieve the objectives identified with our partners is our daily bread: brand awareness development, lead generation, selling products and services online, are some of the purposes that lead us operating within numerous highly competitive sectors, such as Display, Remarketing, E-mail Marketing. We have many tools available to arrange all these activities, but our experience confirms more and more that the involvement of people can be decisive developing a project.

In fact, the activation of online campaigns is only the destination of a process that includes several steps. We start from the in-depth analysis of the online scenario, the target audience and the competitive context, then we define common purposes. On these basis, we can start designing a specific strategy: for us, this process increases in value when it includes listening and reconnection with people, those people that tomorrow will be the same to take advantage of that product or service.

Listening brings value across all the activities included in a project.  Also in the advertising sector, people lead us understanding data, while listening to them plays a fundamental role in an approach that aims at continuous improvement. Especially if we want to work side by side with companies, constantly monitoring the behavior of people, in order to identify together the best possible solution for each need.

Understanding the quality of the experience lived, their interests and creating solutions with people is a fundamental requirement for validating ADV campaign’s content creativity and efficience. In this way, we directly collect feedback about the performance of the assets, but also we understand which conceptual dimensions are most associated to the group of selected keywords (IAT) by monitoring and analyzing people behavior. Moreover, we are able to identify any recursive ocular patterns (SERP Analysis with eye tracking ) and to optimize the effectiveness of the contents of the SERP.

Listening to people to evaluate and validate an online announcement

Listening is a reading of behaviours and helps us understanding why something happens. It changes the way the results are observed, but does not enter the mind nor influence people’s choices: it wants to follow them, anticipating expectations and satisfying them because, as we explain in our Manifesto:

10_ Simple when you are not forced to ask yourself too many questions. Natural when you live it spontaneously. Rewarding when it makes you happy and satisfied.

13_ Talking to people continues until they will say that the message, the product, the service is exactly what they expect, and even more.

To create an online ad, the activities to be followed and the performances to be achieved are so many and usually the first worry is to be able to position oneself among the first search results. This is no longer sufficient today: this is the reason why we need to integrate the listening and analysis of people’s behaviour into our activities, in order to evaluate and validate the creation of an online announcement.



These images are a photograph of how – after having identified a Google Search worst practice (i.e. a specific area hardly affected by fixations) – it is possible to involve people to try, together with them, to redesign an announcement on the SERP. Through a listening and analysis work, it emerges that replacing the less performing part with a specificly realized value proposition – starting from the most suitable keyword emerged from the IAT test -, the announcement is more effective.

People give us the most valuable information and lead us to define a campaign: “worthwhile” turns out to be the best performing word from the point of view of the mental association to “Bank Account” and, once replaced, it is clear that all people involved are attracted by that word and turn back to read the value proposition.

Observing people, understanding them and giving a shape to what they express is the simplest and strongest thing that companies have today. A careful and direct look, able to bring out the evidences and give life to a formulation of announcements as effective and efficient as possible.

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26 July 2019 Giorgia Zambianchi