Banca Sella and TSW: analysis of the usability of the App to improve the experience

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Optimization of the Home Banking App through usability tests and in-depth data analysis, for a cutting-edge user experience


Mobile viewing of the Banca Sella Home Banking App

In its constant commitment to offering increasingly cutting-edge digital banking services, Banca Sella has undertaken a strategic collaboration with TSW, a hybrid and multidisciplinary reality that works on the quality of the experience that brands offer to their customers on physical and digital touchpoints, through neuroscience, social research, digital marketing, ux design.

The partnership saw TSW involved in a series of in-depth tests on Banca Sella’s Home Banking App, with the aim of identifying usability barriers, understanding user needs and analyzing the distinctive characteristics of customers.

Usability tests: the TSW approach

To conduct usability tests on the Banca Sella Home Banking App, TSW adopted a mixed methodological approach, in which, in addition to qualitative listening to people, it combined scientific instruments to collect data and psychophysiological information, as well as, of course, to the direct perception and experience of the people involved.
Using a combination of simulated usage scenarios, interviews and user behavior analysis, TSW sought to explore every aspect of the interface to identify potential areas for improvement.

Planning usability tests

First of all, Banca Sella and TSW conducted strategic planning of usability tests to understand together the different objectives to be achieved.
In this phase, the characteristics of the people to be involved were defined, the simulated use scenarios were designed that reflected real situations, i.e. the individual tasks, and finally the planning of the test day agendas was organised.

Identification of usability barriers

Through usability tests, TSW therefore precisely identified the barriers that could have hindered users’ smooth experience in using the Home Banking App.
This included navigating through different sections of the app, accessing specific features, and understanding the available options as well as certain specific content.
This information provided a solid basis for developing solutions aimed at eliminating any possible barriers in people’s experience with this specific touch point. The goal was to identify pain points that could be improved to optimize the experience.

Understanding user needs through the interview phase

The interviews conducted during the usability tests (think aloud) allowed TSW to obtain insights directly from Banca Sella customers.
This user-centered approach revealed people’s specific needs, their behaviors and expectations towards the App but also towards the Bank itself.
A thorough understanding of these needs guided the process of improving the interface.

Analysis of the difficulties encountered

In addition to identifying usability barriers, TSW analyzed the specific difficulties users encountered when using the Home Banking App.
This analysis helped to distinguish occasional challenges from systematic problems, allowing Banca Sella to focus on problem areas for immediate improvements with the right priorities to be implemented with respect to the most urgent critical issues.

Distinctive characteristics of customers

Thanks to the data collected during the tests, TSW analyzed the distinctive characteristics of Banca Sella’s customers. The analysis included browsing preferences, propensity to use specific features and the most commonly used devices. This information allowed for targeted customization of future implementations of the App.

Implementation of improvements

With the results of the usability tests and detailed analysis conducted by TSW, Banca Sella is now able to implement targeted improvements to its App.
These improvements not only address identified usability barriers, but are also based on real user needs and preferences, ensuring a more intuitive and satisfying experience.

The collaboration between Banca Sella and TSW has demonstrated the importance of conducting in-depth usability tests to improve users’ digital experience.
Accurate analysis of usability barriers, understanding user needs and adapting to customer characteristics are key elements to ensure that the Home Banking App best meets user expectations. This project contributes to consolidating Banca Sella’s position as a bank at the forefront of digital innovation in the banking sector, emphasizing its commitment to creating and offering people solutions identified based on their listening and involvement from the first moment.

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1 February 2024 Elena Toniolo

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