Advertising on Snapchat: why invest in this platform?

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With the right strategy, Snapchat can be a highly effective advertising channel for promoting products and services among young audiences



In recent years, online advertising has undergone a real revolution, moving from traditional media ads to highly targeted digital campaigns.

One of the platforms that has had a significant impact on the sector is Snapchat, a social media that allows you to share moments of everyday life through images and videos which however have a peculiar characteristic: this content disappears after a few seconds. As a result, Snapchat advertising has started to gain more and more popularity among advertisers as an effective method of reaching young audiences.

Benefits and Engagement of Advertising on Snapchat

One of the main advantages of advertising on Snapchat is its ability to capture the attention of young people and engage them in an interactive way. Advertisements on Snapchat appear as “snaps” that appear in friends’ stories or in Snap Discovers, a section dedicated to short, fun content shared by different publishing partners. This targeted placement allows advertisers to directly reach their target audience, avoiding wasting advertising budgets on users who may not be interested in their product or service.

Challenges and strategies for success in advertising on Snapchat

Snapchat ads can be extremely engaging through their unique format. Advertisers can use photos, videos or photo filters, offering consumers a new multimedia advertising experience. This interactive format allows audiences to get involved in the promoted content they are viewing, in a fun and engaging way. For example, some companies offer customized filters that their users can apply to photos or videos, thus spreading the advertising message among their friends and creating a viral effect.

Another interesting theme of Snapchat advertising is its targeted and measurable aspect. Advertisers can select specific parameters such as age, geographic location and interests to reach their target audience precisely. Additionally, the platform offers detailed analytics data that allows advertisers to monitor the effectiveness of their advertising campaigns.

This real-time feedback allows advertisers to make immediate adjustments to their advertising strategies based on the results obtained, thus improving the efficiency of their campaigns and maximizing their return on investment.

However, despite the many benefits of advertising on Snapchat, there are also some challenges that advertisers face. One of these challenges is the short duration of messages. As such, advertisers must be able to communicate their message clearly and attractively within seconds. This requires a creative strategy and engaging design to capture the attention of the target audience in the short period of time available to them.

Additionally, the ephemeral nature of Snapchat ads requires advertisers to create content that has an immediate and memorable impact. This can be achieved through experimenting with different creative ideas and using influencers or celebrities to promote your products or services. Finally, advertisers must also take into account the age of their target audience and adapt their ads accordingly, thus maintaining a style consistent with the Snapchat environment.

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29 September 2023 Giulia Zucchiatti

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