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The paradox of the content

A paradox has accompanied my working life for almost 20 years. A paradox that has many forms and that today I have decided to definitively dissolve.

TSW optimizes websites for SEO, develops landing pages, orchestrate content inventory, develops editorial plans, and in all these years I have often heard my collaborators say: the customer has no content to give us. Developing a strategy without content is impossible, and yet the contents (which are descriptive texts, explanatory images, narrative videos) are often the material on which one willingly sacrifices time and space. Today it is no longer enough to get around this paradox, it is necessary solve it completely.

Sometimes the situation is different and more intriguing. The client understands the height at which we can take it, after having evaluated the complex of integrated activities that we can develop for him, oriented to his goals of lead generation or the enhancement of his brand equity, and asks us: what should I tell about my company, and how, and to whom?
At this point we realize the fragmentary and often of the arbitrariness of the content owned by the customer. For example:

  • Brand guidelines
  • Website corporate content
  • Post on Facebook and Twitter
  • Recruiting content

The challenge for an agency like TSW is to know how to master the strategic and material breadth of such projects.

Gushmag and the many faces of content

A digital product that is able to achieve its goals needs a content unitary strategy.
The copywriting should take account of elements of persuasion and guidance to the logic of search engines, and must be able to decline the strategy: from micro-content to corporate storytelling. It is not possible to capture new audiences and engage people without content marketing.
To welcome this vision in its full scope, TSW today, yes endows not of a new collaborator, but of a entire project devoted to the content, which enters naturally into the network of its own integrated services, enhancing their effect.

Gusgmag editorial staff

That’s why today TSW creates one joint venture with Gushmag, a network of professionals dedicated to the definition and implementation of publishing projects. Gushmag – in the 2 years of work since its creation – has an editorial staff of 5 people, a network of more than 150 collaborators and a social magazine. It has active collaboration with companies for which it curates blog or online magazine.

Today for us the user experience passes even more through the contents, in a path on which we have full vision, thanks to consolidated and new experiences.
We continue on the path of our growth, of our customers and ours, and from today we will be able to tell it even better.


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13 October 2015 Christian Carniato

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