Pinterest towards Social Commerce: the collaboration with Amazon

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Pinterest and Amazon together for the future of Social Commerce: new digital advertising opportunities, and simplification of the purchase path


Pinterest is a visual search and bookmarking platform with the aim of inspiring people, which has seen tremendous growth over the years, to become a Social Commerce channel.

After the introduction of Buyable Pins 8 years ago, which allow you to upload a catalog of products, tag them and sponsor them directly on the platform, Pinterest is still expanding its horizons, announcing a new collaboration with Amazon.

Jeff Bezos’ giant will be the first marketplace to be featured on Pinterest with third-party ads.

The opportunities deriving from the Pinterest-Amazon collaboration

The partnership with Amazon is just the first piece of a larger project: there is a willingness to expand collaborations for third-party ads in the future.

The new feature will be implemented gradually over the course of 2023 and will facilitate the purchase path for users, consequently opening up new digital advertising opportunities.

It will therefore be possible to purchase Amazon products through Buyable Pins: with a simple click, users will be directed to Amazon to complete the purchase.

Why a brand should be on Pinterest

With 440 million active users every month in 2022 (of which 8.5 million in Italy alone), Pinterest represents fertile ground for those brands that want to oversee the purchase funnel at every stage.

Here are some reasons why a brand should be featured on this platform:

  • High propensity to buy: Pinterest users are actively looking for ideas and inspiration for their next purchase. Over 80% of them say the platform helps them find items to buy.
  • Long-term value: Unlike the more instantaneous and ephemeral content of Instagram or TikTok, Pins can continue to drive engagement and traffic to a brand’s website long after they’re posted.
  • Targeting: in addition to demographic data, geolocation and the possibility of retargeting, the interests that can be selected in the target identification phase are much more ramified and precise than on other platforms. Furthermore, it is also possible to target by keyword, which is no small detail.
  • Ability to predict Trends in advance: the audience browsing the platform is made up of people who plan purchases and projects even months in advance. Thanks to the continuous analysis of the navigation data and search keys of its users, Pinterest is able to predict new trends before they become reality, with an accuracy of its forecasts equal to 80%. This information is very useful for brands that want to stand out but don’t know which strategy to do it with.

Pinterest campaign goals and formats

Brands and advertisers intending to activate campaigns on Pinterest have the following objectives at their disposal:

  • Notoriety
  • Video views
  • Consideration
  • Conversions
  • Sale of catalog products

In addition to the classic formats such as static Pins, videos, carousels and collections, the Pin Idea format was introduced in 2021, from which the corresponding Pin Idea Ad was later derived.

Pinterest Pin Idea Ads

It is a format designed to tell a story that encourages action. It can include both images and videos, as well as a destination link and “Follow” button for business accounts. The Pin Idea can be created both by the Sponsoring Company and by a Creator and then sponsored through a branded partnership.

Waiting to see how the integration with Amazon will work, we just have to ask ourselves what will be the next Pinterest news, which will surely not be long in coming!

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15 May 2023 Valeria Pompili

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