Pampers: co-design activities to improve the experience for mothers

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The co-design activity continues to make the Pampers app closer to the needs of mothers


At TSW we want to make sure that companies understand the real value of the experiences they give their customers, both in a physical space and with a digital tool. The value lies in the fact that these experiences define a perception that influences the duration of the relationship with the company that produced it.

We always like to talk about our relationship with Fater, in relation to the Pampers brand project, because it is the emblem of what we call the reconnection between the two worlds: that of the companies that create products and services, and that of the people who use them. Fater is a company that is always listening and this makes working together very rewarding and stimulating.

In many cases, to improve an experience, it is necessary to consider the usability of the product/service and the response to the expectations of the people who use or experience it. These two elements are fundamental in the research and User Experience Design phases.

After an initial phase of activities related to the analysis of the “Coccole Pampers” app, we went ahead and began to ask ourselves no longer, and not just what to improve, but how. We involved mothers in three moments of listening, co-design workshops, two remotely and one face-to-face, which allowed Fater to create more suitable solutions for mothers who use their services and products.

The co-design workshop for Pampers Village

In the first workshop, the key theme was sharing advice and experiences through targeted questions and “free listening”. The Pampers Village section of the app contains stories, advice and spaces for dialogue: mothers were able to express their opinion and their new ideas on the themes and types of content present and to be integrated, on expectations on what they would change or improve on the matter to each section. The various insights that emerged were rearranged and shared with Fater, who treasured them for the new implementations of the app.

The co-design of gamification in Coccole Pampers

But the app is not only a useful tool as a diary or to search for information, but also to obtain discounts and win prizes by collecting points and participating in various activities: games, readings, initiatives. This is the focus of these other two workshops. The interesting aspect was the proactive approach of the customer.

The request we received was to validate a new gamification structure, therefore organizing listening moments in which to tell what had been imagined about this new points collection system and collect as much feedback as possible. In the kickoff phase, however, what we proposed in response was not to tell what already exists, but to design it from scratch together with the mothers.

Pampers co-design

We therefore investigated what mothers want to find in the app in relation to three themes:

  • gamification and the collecting mechanism: rewarding dynamics, types of prizes, game difficulty,…
  • collaboration for app research: what type of investment would they be willing to make and what rewards would they associate with the various activities
  • creation of a community among mothers: expectations of modalities and functions

In the first workshop we aimed at spontaneous sharing around these three themes, in the second instead we brought a prototype of the app sections to the room to better understand the validity of each challenge or the goodness of the award mechanism in detail.

Designing with people

Designing with people is always a new experience, because it crosses listening methods and experiences of customers who are never the same based on the sector in which we operate.

Co-design such as the one created with Pampers not only leads us to find barriers, identify problems, highlight potential for improvement, but also helps us to already find an effective solution to these critical issues or opportunities. We not only listen, but we design on the basis of what we have heard, and with Fater the satisfaction is precisely seeing people’s voices transformed into solutions in the Pampers Coccole App.

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20 February 2023 Elena Toniolo

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