TSW with Banca Progetto: promoting Conto Key on TV, print and digital

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Positioning of Conto Key as a reference banking product in the savings market, thanks to a complete and synergistic marketing strategy


Conto Key of Banca Progetto

The relationship between TSW and Banca Progetto, which began as early as 2022, was further consolidated during 2023 thanks to the promotional activity of “Conto Key”, Banca Progetto’s remunerated current account created tailor-made for the management of savers through the activation of restricted and non-restricted deposits.

In carrying out the project, TSW has maintained its distinctive approach which aims to combine the different activities of listening to people and research with a data-driven component, closely associated in this case with the media activity.

TSW’s challenge: positioning Conto Key of Banca Progetto on the savings market

TSW’s experience in the field of advertising for the finance sector played a key role in the project: positioning Conto Key as a reference banking product in the market of products dedicated to savings. The objective was pursued thanks to the planning of a multi-channel campaign that exploited both digital media such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, and traditional channels through the planning of a TV commercial on La7 and the publication in various newspapers of the paper press, including Corriere della Sera, la Repubblica, La Stampa, Affari & Finanza, L’Economia and la Gazzetta dello Sport.

The partnership between Banca Progetto and TSW proved to be a strategically successful decision, leading to the strengthening of the bank’s online presence and a notable increase in requests to open accounts: a percentage that goes well over double figures compared to 2022.

TSW’s digital and strategic support

TSW provided complete support to Banca Progetto’s digital communication, providing a team of professionals expert in advertising and digital analytics. Thanks to this team, TSW was able to develop and implement a highly effective digital marketing strategy, allowing Banca Progetto to achieve excellent results in promotion and account openings.

“The synergistic approach carried out by TSW has demonstrated how crucial it is to be able to rely on a multidisciplinary team of experts, capable of obtaining excellent results in this specific project, but also in the broader challenges of contemporary digital marketing” states Massimo Bondanza, Head of Customer Excellence by Banca Progetto.

Working following a performance marketing strategy was fundamental to the success of the campaign for Banca Progetto: TSW’s strategy guaranteed broad involvement of the target audience within traditional media, capturing the public’s attention and awareness towards the new remunerated current account. Subsequently, it allowed this awareness to be effectively converted into concrete actions, such as requests to open accounts. This approach based on the measurement and optimization of performance and results has allowed us to obtain concrete and measurable results.

A complete marketing strategy

This complete approach implemented by TSW, almost like a real standard equipment to make a metaphor, has allowed Banca Progetto to intercept all the key points within the customer journey, from the initial discovery of the product to the final conversion, demonstrating the importance of a marketing strategy aimed at covering all stages of the funnel and ensuring a complete and coherent experience for the public.

The analysis of the information left by the users of the site was essential, which allowed us to “listen” to all intents and purposes the people who approached Banca Progetto, thus allowing us to optimize the contents and methods of contact with the customer, and maximize understanding and trust.
Through the automatic processing of the data collected in graphic form, it was also possible to involve the entire team and work synergistically to guarantee the best possible experience for users.

Finally, the project was also a unique opportunity to put into practice skills and experiences gathered thanks to research and listening activities on different projects and in the sector. This approach allows us to bring value to everything we do, always: we absorb knowledge and experience to then pour into projects for the benefit of people.

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23 October 2023 Giovanni Golfetto

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