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July 24 is an important date for those who work in digital marketing.
Google will in fact implement a reorganization of its products dedicated to analysts and advertisers. This “revolution” should lead to positive changes both in terms of operations (in particular some improvements relating to the connections between instruments) and in the format of the instruments themselves.
Let’s see them in detail.

Google AdWords becomes Google Ads

Almost 18 years after its launch, Google AdWords changes its name: the new Google Ads brand replaces the “old” Brand, while largely maintaining the same functions.


Google Adwords diventa Google Ads

What will change?

The main promise is simplicity. The benefits made possible by machine learning will be extended to even the most modest campaigns, opening up new scenarios to the small businesses. The same interface on the platform will be clearer and more intuitive, to make life easier for the people who will use it, be they experts in the field or novice.

The Google Marketing Platform is born

Nasce la Google Marketing Platform

In our opinion, the most important news concerns a new tool, the Google Marketing Platform. This will group together the Google Analytics 360 tools (Analytics 360, Data Studio, Optimize 360, Surveys 360, Tag Manager 360) with DoubleClick Digital Marketing tools (which are called Display & Video 360 and Search Ads 360).

What will change?

In this case the change is at the level of approach; Google wants to offer its premium customers a single “operations center” from which to manage all digital properties: it will be possible to plan, purchase, measure and optimize digital media with a single tool.

The programmatic with Google Ad Manager

Media budget management is made easier by merging DoubleClick for Publishers and DoubleClick Ad Exchange into a single programmatic advertising platform, Google Ad Manager.

Fusione di DoubleClick for Publishers e DoubleClick Ad Exchange


What will change?

Google, declaring to perceive the changes in the world of publishers, recognizes the increased attention towards the programmatic ad and the multi-screen. The Mountain View response is a platform that aims to combine ease of use and management efficiency.

In summary

The feeling is that it is not a simple restyling, but not even a distortion of the current ecosystem. On the contrary, the daily activities of those who work in digital marketing will be made easier and more efficient: having few multi-functional platforms available, with all the tools necessary for specific areas of activity, would save costs and time.
Finally, for us experts in the field new scenarios open up, aimed at a more complete and exhaustive one knowledge of people.

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26 July 2018 Andrea Nava

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