Prada with TSW: Engaging customers to create an extraordinary digital experience

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Engaging customers to create the perfect digital experience: the collaboration between Prada and TSW to achieve a fulfilling design and tailored content.


“Imagine landing on the website for the first time. What do you expect from this experience?”

Expectations are inevitably very high: we are looking for a path and navigation worthy of a brand that makes its quality a distinctive element.

This conviction is what guided Prada in contacting us to build the best possible digital experience, capable of conveying and making the brand’s values perceived.

Rediscover the value of hospitality to improve the user experience

When Prada came to us to understand if the perceived experience was in line with the brand identity, we immediately agreed on the importance of involving customers and potential customers to listen to their point of view.

Only their opinion could help us understand if satisfying design, simple user experience and tailored content were capable of transferring the value of the company and the services offered.

So we opened the doors of our spaces to people who used to buy Prada and competitor brands, asking them a very simple question: “Can you identify a Prada product that interests you and try to buy it?”

Usability test of the website

The usability test with Prada as a moment of reconnection

When we do a usability test in our laboratories, we strongly ask the companies that involve us to feel firsthand the experience while we are carrying it out. Only in this way will they be able to truly identify with their customers and understand the caliber of the comments and opinions on the brand, experience and product.

It sounds extremely reasonable, but the truth is that companies today are further and further away from the real experience of their customers. Online numbers offer only a partial view to understand what is happening: most of the time the most important information is lost, as to why it is happening.

The involvement of potential Prada customers has made it possible not only to identify areas of intervention relating to specific issues, but also to collect emotions and experiences that constitute the true heritage of the brand and which we hope will be just the beginning of a new way of doing things: together with people.

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14 April 2023 Christian Caldato

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