TSW and Nexi – improving user experience across all touchpoints (web, apps, and POS)

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Human Experience Lab Testing: the Nexi Business app to manage your business with ease.

Nexi Business is the new app for businesses launched by Nexi. The Paytech firm, established in late 2017 out of the combined experience of ICBPI and CartaSi, shall work in partnership with the banks to build the future of digital payments in Italy.

Nexi was conceived with a clear mission: to drive forward the evolution of digital payments, make them easier to use, improve user experience and simplify the purchasing process for bank customers. The company firmly believes that the widespread availability of innovative payment tools is a tremendous opportunity for the modernisation of the whole country.

Nexi has set itself the goal of ensuring that all payments made in Italy become digital soon – for any amount and for any purchase. As a first step, Nexi has recently launched several innovative features, including Nexi Business, the app that gives merchants and traders a simple and immediate solution to run their business no matter where they are, in the same way they use their smartphones in daily life.

Nexi Business includes features such as:

  • Takings management with a detailed display of all transactions made in-store and online;
  • Comparative analysis of company performance with respect to the competition, filtered by geographical area and product sector;
  • Access to all accounting documents (invoices, statements)
  • Management of procedures such as transfers and cancellations.

Nexi Business is therefore a solution that can respond quickly and reliably to the needs of banks, which increasingly demand customised solutions, to ensure that payments become a real growth opportunity for their business and enhance the development of relationships with their customers.

Using people’s feedback to simplify their lives

Nexi Business has been tested by our Experience Lab. A study was conducted to find out more about the intentions and emotions of first-time users of the app: analysing user behaviour provides insights on how to improve the products in order to provide the best possible user experience.

In order to simplify everyday life, the most important thing to do is to listen to people, understand their needs and place them right at the centre of every activity. This is why it is important to have a new product tested directly by the people who will actually use it.

This is the only way to record the user’s natural responses, which can deviate considerably from the expectations of the brand that launches the product. And observing the user’s natural responses allows to set in motion a process of continuous improvement, in order to create an experience that is in tune with the user’s needs.

The new Nexi Business app has been tested in the TSW Human Experience Lab for this very reason.

To get feedback from the actual end users, the Nexi Business app was tried out by real shop owners, who have used it to manage and monitor data related to their business. The test revealed users’ level of engagement with the app and allowed us to provide a direct management experience that is completely different from what they had been traditionally accustomed to.

During the testing of the app, Matteo Piuri, Digital & Customer Experience Director Nexi, outlined the financial group’s vision and its belief that placing the end user at the centre of the process is key to product improvement.


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16 March 2018 Alessandro D'Annibale

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