TSW partner of Laborability: listening to people, inside and outside of companies

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The co-designed platform for workers and companies that simplifies and makes information about the world of work accessible. A project in partnership with TSW.


A digital platform co-designed with people and companies, created to simplify and make the information these people need accessible. This is Laborability, a reality that has over 570,000 monthly visitors and of which we are proud to be a part of.

But let’s take a step back…

TSW with Laborability to design the best search experience

We’ve all done it: faced with a doubt of any kind, we ask Google in search of exhaustive answers. Sometimes we find them (and what satisfaction), other times it is not so easy. Perhaps even finding ourselves on a website that seemed promising but that ended up offering nothing near what we were looking for.

Most online experiences start from here, from the ability to creating the best search experience thanks to SEO. This is how the collaboration between TSW and Laborability was born, with the aim of effectively answering people’s questions on search engines, giving organic visibility to content that could provide immediate and simple answers to apparently complex questions.

The results today speaks for themselves. For many keywords of interest (“104 law”, “tricks to retire earlier”, “who pays for sick days”, “tax adjustment”, etc.) Laborability is in first position on Google organic search results, with more than 230,000 sessions and over 6 million impressions in the last quarter.

With such important numbers, once you have brought people to the website, how can you best welcome them?

The co-design of a welcoming platform

To ensure that an enjoyable search experience also becomes an enjoyable website navigation experience, once again together with end users, we completely redesigned the Laborability platform.

Together with the people, we have designed a welcoming, and therefore also usable, environment capable of providing a pleasant navigation experience.

Laborability website UX design

Next, in order to effectively feed the Laborability content library, we identified two types of beneficiaries that the platform should address: workers on one side and companies on the other.

We involved them both and, thanks to qualitative and quantitative research activities, we created an editorial plan together, identifying topics of real interest. This is the only way of working that we know and we apply this approach to designing digital experiences (and more) that are truly satisfying.

A job that the TSW Content team continues to carry out, periodically sitting around the table with the platform’s users to plan content of interest that is also simple and pleasant to consult. Our SEO team then makes sure that this content is organically relevant to ensure that those looking for this information can find it without unnecessary effort.

Moreover, the participatory design of tools that are as practical as they are useful, such as the personal income tax calculator and the guide on how to receive support cheques, have come from once again understanding the needs of the people who will use these tools and involving them in the process.

Laborability website, mobile view

Looking inward: companies

We saw enormous potential in this project, being able to respond not only to the “external” needs regarding the world of work, helping workers and companies to resolve their doubts, but also supporting organizations from the inside.

So Laborability has also become a tool at the service of company’s internal communications. A tool that, from time to time, is modified and customized thanks to the contribution and specific needs of employees in order to create digital spaces for them that respond to their real needs.

An extraordinary project that allows us to help companies and bring them an approach based on listening to the real needs of workers, the only people who can design (better than anyone else) the digital spaces that facilitate life within the company.

TSW and Laborability, together

The project with Laborability is a clear example of how involving people can give life to great projects. It represents our approach to such an extent, conveying it externally but also within companies, that we have decided to support this reality even more by becoming part of it. A collaboration that is based on a fundamental common vision: to design better experiences, together with people.

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3 August 2022 Riccardo Buson

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