Difference between UI and UX: how User Interface and User Experience guarantee a successful digital product

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UI and UX: the difference between aesthetic design and user experience. Successful digital products require harmonious work between the two disciplines


User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) are two terms and two disciplines in the design sector, both important for the creation of a product or service, but different in many aspects. Let’s go into detail.

What is User Interface?

The UI (User Interface) is the visible part of the user interface, i.e. all the graphic elements, icons, colors, fonts and layouts that make up the aesthetic and interactive aspect of applications, websites, software and any product that has an interface with an interaction with man. UI is therefore about designing the outward appearance of the interface and creating a design that is both aesthetically appealing and functional.

What is User Experience?

UX (User Experience), on the other hand, concerns the user experience in using a product or service. The UX designer deals with designing the user experience, studying the product structure, navigation, usability and ease of use.

User Experience means to design thinking about – or better – with the people who will use a certain service or product, always taking into consideration their needs (even emotional ones), the context and the benefits.

Only by listening to people can you really understand what their needs, barriers, emotions they feel and live are, and it is thanks to this listening that the User Experience can design the best experience.

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The importance of UX

UX is fundamental because a product that doesn’t meet people’s needs is likely to fail. It’s not enough to have an attractive UI if the user experience doesn’t live up to expectations.

The UX designer, therefore, must get to know people, their needs, their habits and their expectations in depth. You must then design the interface to simplify navigation and ensure that the use of the product or service is as fluid and intuitive as possible.

Furthermore, a good User Experience makes the person feel understood and gratified. When a user uses a product or service, he wants to feel heard and understood. If the interface is clear, easy to use and responds to needs, people will feel more satisfied with the user experience and will be more likely to use the product again in the future.

The importance of UI

If the User Experience is important, the User Interface is no different. An accurate and captivating UI captures people’s attention and makes them want to use the product. Furthermore, a well-designed UI can facilitate the user experience, making navigation clearer and content more accessible.

The User Interface, therefore, must be studied with care. It must be aesthetically pleasing, but also functional. The colors, the icons, the choice of fonts and the graphic style all contribute to creating an engaging and pleasant viewing experience for people.

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The difference between UI and UX

In other words, UI is more about the aesthetics of the interface, while UX is about the user experience of people. UI is important for capturing attention, while UX is important for making sure that the person is satisfied with the user experience and will come back to use the product in the future.

In any digital design project, User Interface and User Experience must work together to create a successful product. A beautiful but not very functional UI will not be successful, just as a functional but not very attractive interface risks not attracting attention.

The important thing is that UX design is based on deep understanding and listening to people and their needs, and that this acts as a guide for UI design. I personally believe that the User Interface Designer should also aim for the best experience for people.


In conclusion, knowing the difference between UI and UX is crucial to creating a successful product or service. Both serve and must come together to ensure a better experience: in a world where competition between digital products is increasingly tight, meticulous attention to digital design becomes essential. The design of a visually functional and captivating interface, associated with a user experience that starts from listening to people, can make the difference between a loved product and an ignored one.

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11 May 2023 Giorgia De Stefani

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