How to Put Art in a Book: art at the service of people

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The intertwining of creativity, design and storytelling. Exhibition curated by Leonardo Sonnoli which focuses on the importance of listening and user-centred design


Exhibition How to Put Art in a Book

On Thursday 10 November, the TSW team had the privilege of participating in the exhibition “How to Put Art in a Book”, curated by Leonardo Sonnoli and hosted at the Teatrino di Palazzo Grassi. The event offered a unique experience, in which the world of art and communication merged in an incredible exhibition of books and dialogues.

The inauguration of the exhibition was characterized by an inaugural speech held by the curator himself, Leonardo Sonnoli, who introduced three exceptional guests: Luca Massimo Barbero, Tony Brook and Taryn Simon. These three experts shared their perspectives and knowledge, highlighting the creative process behind the books displayed in the exhibition. The variety of works presented ranged from conceptual artworks to innovative graphics, creating a stimulating and inspirational environment.

Luca Massimo Barbero, a leading figure in the artistic panorama, highlighted the fundamental role that literature plays in inspiring and shaping visual art. His perspective highlighted how books, in addition to being independent works, can interact with visual art, enriching each other.

Tony Brook, internationally renowned graphic designer, illustrated the importance of the design and visual presentation of books. The form of the book, he underlined, is not just a container but an essential element in artistic expression, capable of communicating messages and emotions in a unique way.

Taryn Simon, photographer and conceptual artist, explored the theme of visual representation through books, underlining how the choice of images and the layout of the pages can influence the perception of the content.

The exhibition was an immersion in creativity and the importance of the synergy between art and the written word. For us, it was also an opportunity to reflect on the importance of listening as a key tool for evolution in our sector. Listening to the voices of experts, artists and innovators has inspired us to continue exploring new horizons and maintaining our creative footprint in the communication landscape of our territory.

Conference room, and display case, exhibition "How to Put Art in a Book"

The concept of user-centered design has become a fundamental pillar in our creative approach. The idea that only by interacting with and understanding the people who will benefit from our projects can we generate authentic and useful solutions was strengthened during our participation in this exhibition.

The importance of the event for us at TSW goes beyond simply participating in an art exhibition. We believe it is essential to remain constantly updated on progress and trends in the field of communication, especially in the Veneto area. These events offer us the opportunity to immerse ourselves in a world of creativity and innovation, allowing us to draw inspiration from shared experiences and apply new ideas in our projects.

In conclusion, “How to Put Art in a Book” is not just an art exhibition, but a reflection on the way of conceiving design and communication. The ability to stay updated on the latest trends and learn from industry experts is crucial to our ongoing commitment to providing creative and meaningful solutions. The exhibition inspired us to keep a careful eye on the needs of our community and to continue to put listening to users at the center of our creative process.

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16 November 2023 Laura Bottaro

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