Words matter, but it’s the tone of voice that creates authentic connections

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Create meaningful connections through an emotionally engaging message


In the vast world of communication, there is an aspect that is often underestimated, but which plays a crucial role in creating meaningful connections: the “tone of voice”. This concept goes far beyond the words we use: it is a powerful tool that can determine the success of a message, influence the attitude of the public and, above all, establish a deep bond between the communicator and the person receiving the message.

What is tone of voice?

The tone of voice is the set of elements that determine the emotional atmosphere of a communication. It is the way words are spoken or written, their rhythm, the language used and the emotions conveyed through them.

The tone of voice reflects the personality, values ​​and culture of the individual or company communicating. At the same time, however, it must take into account the expectations, preferences and ways of communicating of the target audience. If you are targeting a young and informal audience, a more relaxed and conversational style will be functional. On the other hand, if you are communicating with a professional audience, the tone should be more formal and respectful.

The importance of Reconnection

Effective communication is not just about transferring information, but also about creating a bond between the communicator and the recipient of the message. Tone of voice is a key tool in establishing this connection. When you use an authentic tone of voice that reflects a certain identity, people will be more inclined to trust and listen deeply.

The tone of voice conveys emotions, a vehicle for empathy, which in turn is the key to creating a meaningful connection with the audience.

At TSW we propose various techniques that allow you to achieve this objective. These activities are often carried out together with people, putting customers and end users in contact with companies: by doing so we can understand if the message and the way of transmitting it meet their expectations. Thanks to the listening activity, we are able to find an effective and tangible solution.


The proposed tone of voice is suggested by people, therefore intrinsically responsive to the needs expressed. There will be no better technique than this, since the subject is always at the center of everything (whether to browse a website, use a product, use a service, enter a physical store, download an application): people they are our starting point, our unit of measurement, our final subject.

A coherent but elastic tone of voice

In today’s world, the message you want to convey spreads through a variety of channels, from social media to television, through print ads and much more.

It is important to study a strategy to adopt the right tone of voice for each communication channel available, taking into account specific expectations and conventions.

In any case, to build and maintain a solid connection with the audience, consistency across all channels is essential. The tone of voice should be uniform across all communication channels, to create a lasting memory and strengthen brand recognition.


Tone of voice is a powerful tool that can open doors to deeper, more authentic connections with your audience. It’s not just about choosing the right words; it’s about expressing your identity. With a clear understanding of your identity, a capacity for flexibility and a dose of empathy, you can create a tone of voice that endears people and establishes lasting relationships.

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14 September 2023 Luca Salvagnini

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