Brand Perception study in the Automotive: Audi VS Mercedes

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To which automotive brand do people most associate the concepts of power, reliability and sportiness?

What is the difference in the perception of brands such as AUDI is MERCEDES?

The image that is built in the mind of the consumer with respect to a brand is the consequence of a complex set of factors, among which there are certainly the marketing and communication actions of the company, the direct or indirect experience of the product and the service, the opinion of other people, as well as many other components. The most effective way to check if the objectives and marketing strategies in terms of positioning, targeting and brand perception are actually achieved is to gather feedback directly from the people to whom the company is addressed. A misalignment between identity, perceived image and objectives represents a critical issue on which to intervene.

Indeed, in the cognitive representation of a person they exist strong associations between brands and related concepts. It is clear to everyone that for example the concept of power connotes strongly Audi. How much? More or less of his competitors? And what are the secondary factors?

The Implicit Association Test (IAT) proves to be one of the best methods to investigate the implicit aspects associated with the brand. Knowing and quantifying the importance of the values ​​and concepts associated with the brand makes it possible to adapt appropriately communication strategies, with the aim of optimize the aspects to which the brands want or not to be associated by their target audience.

The team of TSW Experience Lab in collaboration with the Quintegia research team, he conducted an analysis of the brand perception of Audi and Mercedes, comparing them through the IAT methodology.

To know the results of our analysis:

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20 January 2017 Christian Caldato

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