The world is our laboratory

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A “mobile laboratory” that moves with us to listen to people wherever they are, to gather stories and plan better experiences.


The world is our laboratory. Not a laboratory like many others, mind you. There are no guinea pigs or experiments and, oddly enough, it is a laboratory that moves, following us and our skills wherever there is need. Because wherever there are people, there are also stories and experiences to listen to, take care of, and improve.

TSW mobile laboratory

We built the transparent house you see in the photo a few years ago, a “mobile laboratory” that truly embodies the energy and feeling of our spaces and that allows us to recreate the naturalness of an intimate and professional environment wherever our rigorous and methodical research is needed. The human touch of technology.

TSW Mobile Lab - Christian Caldato explains to children how usability tests work

In that transparent house we have welcomed people (including children and how nice to see them amazed!) and shared our way of doing things, on one hand emphasizing the importance of their stories and of the experiences that they donate to us, and on the other hand the importance of helping companies listen to them.

We can bring a piece of TSW – the heart, if you will – anywhere and in any moment where there are experiences to be collected. Imagine if one day, many glass and wooden cubes like ours were scattered across Italy, or the world, to host people who have a willing desire to donate their experiences to us, helping those who do things to do them better…

TSW mobile laboratory - Detail of the interiors and instruments

Let me explain it in another way. Imagine walking in the centre of your city and passing in front of a transparent structure, open to all. Inside you catch a glimpse of a technologically innovative vacuum cleaner, a motorcycle with a new navigator, or perhaps the latest model of a coffee machine. There are also people interacting with these objects, sharing their opinions with other people who are attentively listening and trying to understand the quality of the experiences these people are living.

Would you not be curious to go inside and understand what exactly is happening?  Maybe even try out the vacuum cleaner and let people know what you think? All while knowing that your opinion may actually make a difference and impact the way that product, service, or potentially anything, is designed?

This is why the world is our laboratory, because everywhere there are people, there are also experiences that we can make better and more enjoyable to live, on one condition: that we do it together.

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27 July 2022 Christian Carniato

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