TSW XP LAB: User Experience and Neuromarketing on the road

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TSW has long been engaged in the research and analysis of what people live and what they feel when they use a product or service, or observe a site, a mobile app, a video or a packaging. But we have often told you about how neurofeedback and eyetracking may be applied to the most varied areas, so even while driving a motorcycle or a car.

We research and analyze what people live and what they feel #neuromarketing

We have therefore decided to show you through this video how – thanks to the flexibility of our dedicated laboratories, the instruments in our possession and the specialists who work with us – it is really possible to perform tests during, for example, riding a motorcycle.

Fields of application

This is the new goal that TSW has reached. But it’s not just about equipment and spaces. The decisions of all of us, as users, consumers, users of products and services, are driven by 85% unconscious factors. The competitive advantage that TSW proposes, with extreme flexibility with respect to contexts and through integrated technologies, is represented by the ability to:

  • effectively and efficiently access themeasurement of these unconscious perceptions
  • developstrategies depending on the results.

We have extended our capacity to understand people’s behavior to understand how they feel when they experience to practically infinite application areas. At first the environments were purely digital, but today companies show the need to fully understand if and how their communication works from the product, to the stores, to the service experience. Thanks to the analyzes and outputs we produce, we are able to make them more effective on the market.

The TSW XP LAB has endless application areas: discover which #neuromarketing

Disintermediation as a decisive factor

Any context, in which emotions play an important role from a decision-making point of view, thus becomes a world of possibilities. Possibilities that can be investigated, repeated and quantified, at a scientific level. The TSW laboratories have devices wearable, wearable but absolutely not intrusive (Tobii glasses is Mindplay, to name a few) and therefore usable even in the most varied contexts.

The TSW XP LAB investigates authentic reactions, because disintermediate # userexperience #neuromarketing

The reactions therefore are authentic, because absolutely disintermediate. The results are precise and detailed, precisely because they allow information to be intercepted exactly where they are generated. We build new paths functionally to objective data:

  • through brain wave analysis we can understand emotions (focus, alert, engagement),
  • with the eye tracking we associate them with specific moments of the lived experience and identify the points of attention;
  • the face reading intercepts facial micro-expressions interpreting them.
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25 March 2016 Christian Carniato

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