ImpREsa Immobiliare: agents and people to improve the online experience

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Involving people to measure and improve the quality of the experience of a service dedicated to real estate


Often the customers who turn to us are looking for an immediate solution to solve some recurring problems: frequent examples are the poor conversions generated by your website, the inability of communication activities to lead to the results desired by the company, but also the low use of a service to which an important investment has been dedicated.

But what is really behind these themes? There are people who live an experience that, for a thousand reasons, disregards their expectations. It is possible to arrive at a solution, starting from the origins of the problem rather than from its final effects (eg the lack of conversions).

What can create real value for companies and their customers, therefore, is listening to those who really benefit from a product or service, solving a concrete problem for them by raising the quality of people’s experiences. This is the approach that ImpREsa Immobiliare, a local company that can boast over 17 agencies distributed between Venice, Pordenone and the province of Treviso and over 70 collaborators, has embraced and which has brought the company closer to our reality.

The collaboration relationship was born in 2021 to manage the communication of the site and social channels. The communication of such sensitive issues, however, cannot do without listening to people: in a changing world, the home remains the safest place and it is therefore crucial to act more and more as a guide in the real estate sector. And being a “leader” means being able to intercept people’s needs and requirements before they become aware of them.

How to achieve this? Making the “users” real “givers of experiences”.

Rethinking the digital interface of a real estate agency with people

In order to make the ImpREsa Immobiliare website a digital environment capable not only of providing all the necessary information to visitors, but of accompanying them in the first steps of an often personal and impactful journey – both from an economic and an emotional point of view -, we have created an experience as close to people as possible.

In fact, to improve the ImpREsa portal, we have involved:

  • Estate agents
  • People potentially interested in buying or selling a property

The participation of the two groups in the test of the experience, which differed in terms of use of the site and personal objectives, allowed us to gather valuable insights from a double perspective.

Based on their work experience, the agents helped us identify, within specific sections of the site, points that could be sources of potential doubts for visitors. What information is needed and what is the most effective way to present it in order to use the ImpREsa Immobiliare portal rather than that of a competitor? Which, on the other hand, may be missing and act as a stimulus for the person to decide to contact the agency?

During meetings with potential buyers and sellers of properties, on the other hand, it was possible not only to highlight problems of a technical nature, such as any usability barriers to the site, but above all to investigate people’s perceptions. In fact, it emerged that the ability of an agency website to involve the visitor – conveying a sense of security, reliability and above all authority – is the discriminating element in choosing one agency over another.

Welcoming people’s experiences and processing psychophysiological data: listening becomes objective

The information described so far is part of what participants explicitly reported based on their own personal experiences. During this type of activity, is it also possible to obtain objective data, which are therefore independent of people’s statements? The answer is yes.

During the meetings we collected, through eye tracker technology, psychophysiological data which were subsequently analyzed and processed in the form of heatmaps.

This has allowed us to obtain objective feedback with respect to the information collected and to the points within the pages of the site that have actually captured the attention and have been elaborated by visitors, thus giving us the possibility to validate the explicit declarations of the participants with scientific data.

TSW and ImpREsa Immobiliare: a valuable project to redesign the real estate experience

The goal of ImpREsa Immobiliare is to find the best expression to satisfy the needs of people, who need support on all services related to the home. The task of users is to donate experiences. TSW’s role is to listen, analyse, interpret, scientifically validate and design a future of real estate capable not only of selling a service, but of satisfying needs.

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25 November 2022 Alessandra Spina

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