Lazzaris SEO-Copywriting Strategy: story of a small or medium-sized company that positions above Wikipedia on the SERP

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This is not the most typical moment for consuming mostarda, but maybe you want to try new recipes in your kitchen, because preparing homemade preserves is your passion. Or maybe, during a conversation or watching the tube, you hear talking about Mostarda: you only know that mostarda is a food and little else, but you are curious about it.

What do you do? Probably, you go on Google and tape on the search bar the word “mostarda”. What do you expect? Probably, you expect that Wikipedia will tell you all the information you need, like always. Sorry, this time you are not right. Today Wikipedia doesn’t position first. Before it, there is a famous brand which produces sauces trying to explain us the difference between mustard and “mostarda”. This is not what you were looking for, so you take a look at the second result. Maybe this time you are right: the title says “Mostarda: what is it, how to prepare it and how to taste it”. And that’s not Wikipedia.*

The first pertinent answer to the question “What is mostarda?” appearing on Google SERP comes from Lazzaris website. At this time, somebody is going to ask him- or herself “Who is Lazzaris?”, for sure.


Lazzaris, mostarda lovers since 1901


This story begins in 1901 in Conegliano Veneto, a small city near Treviso. Here there is a pastry chef, Luigi Lazzaris, who starts experimenting with a recipe that one day will be the famous Lazzris’ mostarda. In fact, today the mostarda is just the main product of a line that comprehends cotognate, marmelades, jams, sweet-and-sour sauces and more, with also a lot of bio products.

A business started from a little family company in Conegliano, which was able to extend its market by exporting its products in more than 25 countries in the world, also arriving overseas in USA, Canada, Brazil and Australia.

And during the transition to the digital world, TSW was together with Lazzaris, aiming at designing the better digital strategy for the company, in order to vehiculate its values, history and traditions.

Lazzaris and TSW: 15 years long together to spread the brand


TSW and Lazzaris have worked together since 2003 aiming at spreading the brand by taking advantage of the digital opportunities. A partnership started by a small website restyling, which stretched to many other project areas, thanks to the mutual trust built up during the time.

In 2013 TSW designs the website restyling, while in 2016 it was newly designed in a richer and captivating version. Then, a content strategy for social networks is activated with the purpose of creating engagement and winning the loyalty of people, an activity then enriched with a digital PR project which involved some food bloggers who tried products and created original recipes by using them.

Lots of facets in a single project, conducted with heart and success, thanks to the partnership between Lazzaris and TSW, who designed the brand on the digital channels.

Last but not least, the SEO-Copywriting strategy, which gave life to an original and interesting magazine which gravitates around the Lazzaris world.


“We started with small steps, but today we realize how much we have built together. First, the intervention on the old website, then the opening of the social channels, the new website and finally the magazine: all these activities were conducted thanks to this precious partnership, which made come to light Lazzaris’ values, history and tradition on the digital world.”

(Alberto Lazzaris)

Original and interesting contents win: a SEO-Copywriting Strategy

Let’s go back to the principle of the story and let’s understand how Lazzaris’ page about mostarda arrived above Wikipedia on Google SERP.

Everything started in 2018, when TSW and Lazzaris design a new content strategy aimed at giving value to the website concerning Search Engine Optimization and editorial pages. For this reason, Lazzaris Magazine was created as a new section which was given a lot of relevance in the information architecture too. In fact, the Magazine represents a primary level category and you easily find it on the principal menu. Moreover, the magazine has its own previews on the homepage.



Behind the Magazine, the content strategy included the design of two new pages containing in-depth information about the two main products, mostarda and cotognata. It’s the first one of these two pages the one we were talking about at the begin of this article.

Institutional pages and articles were created following the same process. The result? Lazzaris website is rich in interesting information for people: talking about products related to the business, but also talking about recipes, tips for pairings, conservation, curiosities and traditions. In conclusion, the contents are not self-referential and really help people finding answers they are looking for on the website.

This is the way of thinking that always leads us when we create a content strategy for a brand we are collaborating with. First question must always be “what do people want to read about this topic? How can we help them with contents we create?”

And here an important SEO search comes to play, with the purpose of finding the most searched topics and words by people on the Internet, in order to understand what their interests, questions, more frequent doubts are. Through an in-depth analysis we listen to people needs and once we understand them, we can think about satisfying them with the contents we create for the magazine.

And Lazzaris project is a perfect example of this approach. The definition of the editorial plan – and so, the topic to develop with the articles – followed the results of an in-depth SEO search which made come to light all the themes related to the reference sector that could be interesting for people at the moment. Those interesting themes became the articles in Lazzaris Magazine.



Listening to people was the first thing to do in order to create an interesting content plan for them, but also listening to the company and working together with it was fundamental in writing the contents. Interesting texts for people, but also original texts: how can we create different contents for the Internet? Listening to the company and its story. Asking what they want to tell about its activity, how they created a product, investigating curiosities and past anecdotes. These are the original contents to tell when you aim at differentiating yourself.

This is what we did with Lazzaris: we created a project together with the company and with people, listening to them in order to write interesting, strong, original contents.

And this is the reason why Lazzaris content positions on the top of Google SERP for lots of queries: Google likes original, well-finished, interesting contents too. At the beginning of this article we talked about mostarda page, but the truth is that there are lots of Lazzaris articles in good positions on the SERPs for different queries (and lots of them are on page 1).

A successful project made by TSW and Lazzaris together with people.

*Info about positions on the SERP are referred to Italian Lazzaris Magazine on 12 July 2019.

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17 July 2019 Valentina Saetta

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