Love and human experience for human progress will give us a better world

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(soundtrack) How much anger in the world, how much disunity, how much disillusionment. It is nice to believe in something, but today what can still be believed, in a time where every truth is denied, every myth is dismantled, and the only thing that materializes more and more is the threat, it is the danger, coming from the unknown?
What is really missing today, paradoxically, why global anarchy exists? The progress.

What is progress?

What is progress? What does the word progress really mean for the good of the world? Is it technology? Is it the power of nuclear weapons? Is it the financial strength of a nation, a federation of states, or a confederation of states? Is it the conquest of space? Only minimally.

Progress should mean the good that advances, for all, and available to all. Progress is not progress if within its meaning does not include the human component, the human side, the being humans.
The real progress therefore starts from the base, from the foundations of a house, from the principle of democracy that should be its main protagonist, the people, a free people, a capable people, a people who studies, works, produces innovation, receives an adequate salary , and puts money back on the market and for the benefit of people, also donating it to the poorest who can thus redeem themselves and become an active part of society.

A better world

But for all this to happen, we must love every day, everyone must love everyone every day. Yes, it is true that the most important commandment is the second of the love coming from the book of Leviticus: «You will not take revenge and you will not hold grudges against the children of your people, but you will love your neighbor as yourself. I am the Lord». It is the keystone that sustains everything, which is the basis of all the philosophical reasonings that can lead to the good of the world population, and of the planet. If truly every law in force on earth, every behavior of man, was based on this great commandment, I believe that today we would live in a better world than the present one, a world in which progress starts from man and reaches man, for the right being humans.

A better world

The experience is human

What is a further crucial ingredient that can fuel this beneficial progress? Experience. It is human, and it too can lead to right, to improvement; to sharing and improvement. So let’s listen to those who want to share their experience, to get to a human improvement, human progress, for the real good of humanity, and of the planet.

Loving every day, everyone, will make us free and progressed, people benefiting protagonists of a global people in a better world.

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31 July 2020 Gilberto Marciano

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