TSW with Salone del Mobile: how SEO, Digital Analytics and sensory research improve the quality of customer experience

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Whether you are from the sector or not, the Salone del Mobile is an intriguing experience. Almost 210,000 square meters of space welcome over 370,000 visitors a year, offering the opportunity to get in touch with the most creative and dynamic realities in the furnishings and design sectors. And we – those who know us, already know – like experiences. We observe them, and we take care of them, with the aim of improving their quality by directly involving those who will live them.

A journey in which we are happy to accompany the Salone. We have already taken the first steps together, with our SEO, Digital Analytics and ADV teams committed to designing the best possible search experience for users interested in the event. And this is only the beginning of an ambitious project, that is, to help the Salone del Mobile become the point of reference in the design sector not only during the event, but throughout the entire year.

Before leaving on a trip, however, it is always a good idea to fill your suitcase. We prepared by participating in the event and living the experience of those 370,000 visitors first hand, observing, collecting, and absorbing as much as possible in the two days of this year’s Salone.



Not only were we there to collect and observe, we took this opportunity to share our research on the tactile perception of materials by means of psychophysiological measures. Why use neuroscience and scientific research in a product experience? It is precisely this type of measurement that allows us to access the implicit and undeclared sphere of what people experience, extraordinary data that completes the already precious wealth of information that we collect during listening and co-creation activities, together with clients of our clients, to improve the quality of the experiences they live. Delve into our psychophysiological research in this article from our Journal.

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5 January 2023 Matteo Caruso

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