TSW speaker at Measuring Behavior 2018 in Manchester

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From the 6th to the 8th of June 2018 the 11th “Measuring Behavior 2018” International Conference, on behavioral research methods and technique, is in progress in Manchester, UK. In a   research event   to which only researchers and university professors normally participate as speakers,   TSW , as   company that listens, investigates and cares of People’s Experience , was able to make its contribution by organizing a joint and interdisciplinary work table.

On Wednesday 6th June the   symposium “Integration of traditional and neuroscientific techniques in the study of consumer behavior: the contribution of Neuromarketing”, which had the purpose of illustrating the integration of traditional techniques – such as interviews or focus groups – and of innovative neuroscience techniques in research applied to behavior of the consumer.

People’s choices are not easily explained by explicit factors, as they often hide implicit motivations, of whom people are not fully aware. The   decision making process   is influenced by   implicit answers and automatic processes , which   traditional marketing research techniques fail to measure.   Rational reactions to the vision of an advertisement or to the evaluation of a product package, as well as the answers to an interview or the ideas expressed during a focus group, do not allow to know everything. The  neuroscientific techniques   have the advantage of studying consumer reactions on a broader level, applying methods and tools from the neurosciences that allow them to   measure the implicit and emotional responses of consumers in a more objective and observable way.

Measuring Behavior 2018

With the interventions of Maurizio Mauri and Christian Caldato, TSW researchers, best practices were provided to apply this innovative approach in marketing research activities.

Specifically, Christian Caldato addressed the issue of the emotional impact of works of art in the speech “Emotional Impact played by the Art Experience Measured by Means of Neuroscientific Techniques”, bringing the case of   TSW and Gallerie d’Italia of Intesa Sanpaolo   in Piazza Scala in Milan: an illustration of the research dynamic   is available in the dedicated article . The undersigned, on the other hand, with the “Assessment about Storefront Displays with a Multidisciplinary Approach based on Neuroscientific Methods, Self-reports and Anthropological Marketing”, illustrated the multidisciplinary approach between neuroscience and anthropology to   improve the shopping experience in a sportswear product store.

Christian Caldato di TSW al Measuring Behavior 2018

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7 June 2018 Maurizio Mauri

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