TSW at Milan Design Week. And of EMOTIONS.

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The Salone del Mobile attracts the most disparate people from every continent every year. The numbers are a striking confirmation. The industrial production of the furnishing world has registered an increase of 3.4% equal to 25 billion euros. The question we asked ourselves is: why?

In reality the answer is simpler than expected. The Salone del Mobile offers emotions, with a very marked tendency towards the sensoristics, in an idea of ​​a design oriented towards sensations and people’s experiences, with attention to their functional and emotional needs. We immersed ourselves in exhibitions and innovation and this was immediately evident.

At the # SaloneDelMobile the TSW XP Lab tried to understand the emotions of people #neuromarketing

We are surrounded by realities that excite us, and so, in the blink of an eye, we get kidnapped by an emotional vortex and, without even realizing it, we find ourselves testing with amazing ease the gesture of stretching a table with one hand (Calligaris), we experience the sensation of opening a wardrobe with fabric doors (Lago) and we experience the pleasure of sitting in a Catifa 46 chair, designed by Lievore Altherr Molina for Arper.

TSW al Salone del Mobile

We experience

It is the word that best fits our experience. Because we do all this by monitoring our own involuntary behavior and our emotions. All our experience has been addressed as if it were a huge scientific experiment. Our testers wore special glasses (Tobii Glasses) that monitor the pupillary movement and a electroencephalogram which allows the analysis of the cerebral cortex.

Let yourself be free to move, in an environment like that of the fair, what attracted the attention of our users? What caused people to enter one stand rather than another? What did our eyes actually process, and how did our head feel? Any environment has a structure, an architecture. Just as we move within a website, we can likewise map people’s behavior. We can understand what are the actions that take place more often, with greater pleasure and we can succeed in optimizing the experience of people.

We experiment to optimize people’s experience #neuromarketing # SaloneDelMobile

What would you put on the home page of your physical store?

Without knowing it, in the visitor experience there are answers to questions that seemed to us unsolvable long ago. If people’s experience is so important, how can we optimize it? The answer is inherent in the set of emotions they experience, which we experience. It is in all those behaviors, in those involuntary gestures that constitute the vast majority of our daily lives. The data is there, at your fingertips. Try to imagine how important it can be recognize negative emotions of one of your potential customers. The neuroscience today allow us to investigate these worlds and gather this information. Understanding how to use them is what we do in our laboratories. But the biggest laboratory we have is the world. Emotions guide us more than we are willing to admit. Being able to simplify the work of our autopilot means being able to dedicate our resources to enjoy the fruits of our choices. The swing of emotions involves an energy expenditure that should not be underestimated.

Recognizing emotions is important for understanding people’s experience #neuromarketing

For example, how important can it be to provide relaxation in a context of particularly tired people? We, when exhausted, finally settled down in the armchairs of Casamania, we could only have a great pleasure.

TSW al Salone del Mobile

A big thank to ARPER, CALLIGARIS, CASAMANIA and LAGO, who welcomed us in their beautiful stands!

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18 April 2016 Christian Caldato

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